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Episode 169 - Memory, The Lost Page Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 169 - Memory, The Lost Page. Written by Naruto685
The episode begins with Anko having a nightmare about a mission she once had when she was still under orochimaru's teachings. the memory skips to a dark room with Anko being in it tossing and turning in pain. Anko then wakes up and presses down on the curse seal mark.

Naruto is ready for another mission when he spots Ino and Sakura, he quickly gets down there and has a nice chat with them. Sakura was saying how she is always worn out from training under tsunade. naruto calls out to her and ino replies by saying, "well here's the slacker"

naruto responds, " well it looks like you're helping at the (flower) shop" and asks where Shikamaru and Chouji are

Ino tells him they went on a misssion with Asuma-sensei and she had to stay here because she had a cold. she also says she just got better too.

Shino then freaks the hell out of naruto by creeping up behind him. he says they have a mission, Naruto, Ino and Shino together.

they head over to the hokage office.

meanwhile, Anko is being explained that in the small ocean country, there have been sightings and attacks by a Kaima(sea monster)

they were hired to exterminate the Kaima and help get the shipping money to the water country

the genin walk in and naruto freaks out again when he sees Anko and calls her the dangerous one from the Chunnin exam

Tsunade yells out that Naruto, Shino and Ino will follow Anko's leadership and complete the mission together usinig their individual skills. Tsunade also mentions that she thinks this is the best team for this mission.

Shizune then says that all tsunade did was call genin who weren't already on missions.

naruto was about the complain when Anko pulls his ear and naruto's in pain.

they head off to the ocean country

they get there and Anko has anotehr repressed memory restored, she remembers the first time she came to the ocean country when she was about 10 years old with orochimaru.

at the market place, they meet a young girl who has bandages all over the place, two thugs try picking on her when naruto comes in.

they gather a boat and are about to meet with the ones who are to protect the shipping payment with they were attacked by the same thugs earlier. they cause a whirlpool and naruto trys summoning frog boss but it doesn't work, TWICE

naruto get pulled into the whirlpool and "drowns" when the girl from earlier rescues him. the team thinks naruto is gone but not dead.

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