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Episode 172 - Despair, The Broken Heart Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 172 - Despair, The Broken Heart. Written by olo_sakura_olo
Naruto, Ino, Shino, and Anko-sensei safely escape from the collapsing (cave-in) hide-out and when they are out they noticed that it is already dawn (there mission is to accompany a ship (their official payment) from the Kaima and to capture the Kaima). Naruto spotted a small boat and they left towards the southern harbour (by the way they are on an island).
*ON THE SHIP* Captain Hitode received a message saying that the Kaima was defected at night by the Konoho Shiobi. So he said it was alright to go without them and the ships left port.
*WITH NARUTO* Anko-sensei is worried cause the ship didn't wait for them, she thinks it's Amachi's trap.
*ON THE SHIP* Captain Hitode received a distress call. Then he noticed in front of them were two ships that was in the path of their. They try to steer away but the rutter is busted (by the Kaima). The ship crashes into one of them. Amachi, the Kaima and Yoroi come out and Yoroi attacked them with a huge fire ball. The crew abandon the ship. Yoroi does a whirlpool kind of justu and is stopped but Shino; who says.
Naruto and the Kaima battle. **The Kaima is really a human experiment of Amachi and her name is Isaribi** Anko-sensei fights with Amachi and she also asks where Orochimaru went half a month ago. (Yes Sasuke was with him) Amachi doesn't know and he blabs on about Anko leaving Orochimaru (she used to work for him) and blah... Naruto and Isaribi (Kaima) are still fighting, Naruto starts that lecture thing about her doing it all wrong, she is NOT a monster, and she can be a good person... Naruto slaps her. Then he looked at his fist and says *FLASHBACK ON ISARIBI SAVING NARUTO WHILE DROWNING (month to month)*
Amachi throws a jar of white powder at Anko, she falls asleep or something, and then Amachi goes to Naruto and Isaribi. He also turns into a swamp monster thing like Isaribi and Amachi admits Isaribi was only an experiment, nothing else. (The reason she was bad was to return to human). Naruto tried to hit him over and over again but his attacks were weren't doing anything. Amachi says give up already. But if you know Naruto... he won't give up. He said (talking about Isaribi) Amachi gets mad and summoned the "Sea Boss" which is a giant blob mostly made out of sea water. The "Sea Boss" swallows Naruto and Naruto is passing out. (If you don't understand, he is under water). Anko finally wakes up and tries to slice the giant "Sea Boss", it doesn't work. Amachi orders Isaribi to finish them off if she wanted to be human. She refused. From inside the "Sea Boss" Naruto says; and then he passes out.
*INNER SELF* Naruto walks to a big cage thing, he sees the sealed demon with-in him.
Naruto released the nail-tailed demon's power. The "Sea Boss" is gone. Anko explains to Isaribi that Naruto and she are alike, since at one point of time Naruto was also called a monster and was bullied like her. !!That's the end of the episode!!

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