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Episode 173 - Sea Battle, The Released Power Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 173 - Sea Battle, The Released Power. Written by Sasuke908
Episode 173 - Sea Battle, The Released Power Episode Summary.Written by Sasuke908

The first episode opens with a view of a full moon and tails swinging beneath it as a voice explains what happened supposedly long ago. As the scene moves down we see a full view of a big fox demon with nine tails that will be now referred to as the NineTails. The voice continues to explain about how strong the demon is and how the shinobis fought it. Meanwhile, we see a bunch of wounded shinobis fighting, as a giant frog with a long pipe appears, with a man standing on top of it to face the NineTails. The voice then continues to explain that this person sacrificed his life to defeat the NineTails, and this was the Fourth Hokage. Thus, the episode begins after this being set as the backdrop for your first episode with the opening song playing in the background. The scene changes to our main character, a blonde boy of 12 years old running away from 2 pursuing shinobis with a bucket in his hand full of what looks like yellow paint. They started jumping all around the buildings in the town he's being chased through trying to escape them. The blonde boy then tells them all to shut up and explains how none of them could have done something this horrible, but he can, while we see close-ups of graffiti all over big heads sculpted from a mountain side. Some shinobi explain to an old man who is the Third Hokage (and the voice from the beginning of the episode) that Naruto (the blonde boy) has put graffiti all over the Hokage monuments. We then head back to Naruto, who is still running away from the pursuing shinobis, when at one point it looks like he's run past when he's really hidden himself on a fence using an active camouflage cover. Just when you think he's run away after calling them idiots and all, another shinobi appears behind him and startles him, Naruto calls him Iruka Sensei (teacher). Iruka then makes a very peeved off face at him and asks him what he was doing during class time. We then switch over to a view of the Shinobi School, where we see Naruto tied up sitting on the floor and Iruka explaining to him that he's failed many tests and shouldn't be doing pranks. He then turns to the class and exclaims that today's class will be a review on their transformation technique, and even those who've passed have to go again. The scene changes to a view of Haruno Sakura, a girl with long pink hair who transforms in to her teacher perfectly. Her inner self manages to exclaim a hooray right after herself and she asks if yet another new character Uchiha Sasuke, saw how well she did as she seems to be infatuated from the moment you see the way she asks, he ignores her and moves on the perform the technique perfectly as well. Then it's Naruto's turn as some of his class mates (whose names aren't mentioned yet) start to complain about the review. Naruto makes it simple, he doesn't care, and as he steps up to transform a girl who seems to blush at the sight of him, wishes him luck. Naruto shouts, "Transform!" (like everyone else did), and instead of changing into his teacher, he transforms into a beautiful naked woman (whose parts are covered by magic smoke) and he/she gives Iruka a wink and blows him a kiss. Iruka stares blankly, and his face puffs up and he gets a major nose bleed and gets blown back as Naruto transforms back and starts laughing explaining that, that was his very own Sexy Technique. Iruka now looks extremely peeved and has to tissues up his nose that came from nowhere as he screams at Naruto to not invent idiot techniques. The scene changes now as we see Naruto cleaning the Hokage monument with a rag as Iruka explains that he can't go home until he's cleaned all of it. Naruto doesn't care as he has no one to go home to, and Iruka decides to treat him to ramen (Japanese noodle dish) if he finishes by the end of the night. Naruto suddenly gets a burst of energy and agrees to work hard. The title of the episode is displayed after. The scene is now at a ramen stand called Ichiraku Ramen where we see Naruto eating his ramen voraciously while Iruka asks him why he put graffiti all over the monument and how important the Hokage are. Naruto reassures Iruka that he knows as he polishes of his ramen bowl and explains that Hokage are the number on ninjas in the village. He then recalls an image of the monument of the Fourth Hokage and how he saved the village from the NineTails. Iruka still doesn't know why he put graffiti on the monument. Naruto goes in to a short speech about how he's going to get the Hokage name and then he'll surpass all the other Hokage and have everyone in the village acknowledge his strength. Iruka just sits there dumbfounded finishing off a ramen noodle. Naruto then asks Iruka for a favour, Iruka thinks he wants seconds but instead Naruto asks if he can borrow Iruka's head protector (all ninjas wear one as a symbol of the village they're from). By the way, Naruto and co. are from the village of Konoha (Leaf). Iruka then explains to Naruto how he'll get one after he graduates and it's a symbol that he's come of age and that he can get one tomorrow. Naruto exclaims that that's stingy of him and Iruka tells him that that's why he removed his goggles, so Naruto asks for seconds. Now we're back at the Shinobi School and it's the graduation exam. Iruka explains how those that are called will proceed to the next classroom and will be tested there. The test will be to do the Clone Technique. Naruto freaks out as he explains that that's his worst skill, but upon entering the classroom he seems confident that he'll do it. Naruto gets ready, and performs the technique, but manages to create one clone, and one that looks dead at that. Naruto begins to worry and Iruka shouts that he's failed. Another examiner named Mizuki, starts to explain that Naruto has excellent athletic ability and stamina and that he technically did make a clone, but Iruka argues that everyone else made at least three and Naruto's was useless. He can't let him pass. The scene is now outside of the graduation school sitting on a swing watching all of his classmates with their forehead protectors, all passed, while their parents exclaim how great they are. Two women start to talk about him and how they're glad he didn't pass because of something he is, but they don't say yet. The view changes to Mizuki standing beside Naruto, then to Iruka and the Hokage as the Hokage asks to speak to Iruka later. The swing is shown empty as Iruka answers yes. It's now sunset and Naruto and Mizuki and sitting on a roof having a conversation. Mizuki explains how Iruka isn't picking on him, but Naruto doesn't understand why he's the only one not to pass. Mizuki explains how Iruka probably wants him to become genuinely strong since they're both orphans. Naruto still persists that he really wanted to pass. Mizuki chuckles and tells him that there's no choice now, and he's going to teach Naruto a special secret. Naruto wonders what he's talking about. We now see Iruka lying in bed thinking of what the Hokage said about Naruto and how like him, Naruto grew up not knowing his parents. Iruka then has a flashback of the NineTails and him being carried away by a shinobi as a child while his parents are still fighting and he's screaming for them. Mizuki then shouts for Iruka to wake up and Iruka comes running out his door to meet him as Mizuki explains that they must go to the Hokage's place because Naruto has stolen the Scroll of Seals! Iruka makes a surprised look and the scene fades out. We start now in a forest at night time with Naruto reading from a scroll about learning new techniques, and the first one to start is the Shadow Clone Technique. Naruto exclaims that he's peeved that it always starts with the one's he's bad with. We then see a close up of a bunch of shinbois back at the village saying that they'll catch Naruto and that the Scroll of Seals was forbidden by the previous Hokage and that it's dangerous and can't be taken out of the village. The Hokage agrees and orders them to bring back Naruto as the shinobis scatter in various directions. Then we see an exhausted Iruka wondering where Naruto went, and Mizuki searching for him as well, but instead, he wants to kill Naruto and steal the Scroll of Seals for himself. Now we're back at the forest and it seems that Iruka has found Naruto as he looks peeved at him again. Naruto tries to look innocent and tells him he's only learned one skill so far. Iruka then wonders how Naruto was training in the forest, and he looks so roughed up. Naruto proposes that if he shows him the amazing technique he just learned, he'll have to pass him from Shinobi School. Iruka wonders who told him about that, and Naruto explains that it was Mizuki who told him about the scroll and his training grounds as Iruka looks on a bit scared wondering why Mizuki did. Just then, a bunch of kunai (throwing knives) come flying at Iruka from behind him, as he pushes Naruto out of the way and gets one stuck in leg as the others fly past him on to a log cabin. Mizuki states that it's impressive Iruka found him, and Iruka realizes what's going on. Mizuki asks Naruto to hand over the scroll to him, but Naruto just asks what's going on. Iruka pulls the kunai from his leg and explains to Naruto to never hand over the scroll as it has forbidden techniques sealed in it, and Mizuki used Naruto in order to get his hands on it. Naruto the realizes what's going on too as Mizuki contradicts Iruka saying that he's afraid of him having the scroll, but Iruka tells Naruto not to listen to him. Mizuki says he'll tell Naruto the truth but Iruka doesn't want him to. Mizuki begins to explain that twelve years ago, in the village a rule was created, a rule no one was allowed to tell Naruto about. Naruto starts to get really intrigued now but Iruka still doesn't want Mizuki to tell. However, Mizuki continues to tell him that Naruto really is the NineTails! This means that he's the NineTails that destroyed Iruka's parents and the village. Iruka yells at him to stop, but Naruto is in a state of shock now as he continues to explain that Naruto was lied to by everyone, and asks him if he found it odd to be hated by everyone. Naruto starts to have minor, insignificant flashbacks as tears start to fill his eyes and anger wells up inside of him, his power surrounding him, and Mizuki saying that no one will ever acknowledge him, that even Iruka hates him! Iruka starts to remember another Hokage flashback about him saying that Naruto has never known a parent's love, and that he's hated by all the villagers because of that incident and all he could do to get attention was create mischief. Now he's seeking acknowledgement of his existence in any possible way, he may act tough but he's really suffering. The flashback ends, and we see Mizuki spinning a big shuriken (throwing star) as he throws it at Naruto. Naruto tries to scramble away, but Iruka yells for him to get down and blocks the shot with his own back. Iruka starts to cough up blood, and a scared Naruto asks why he did it. Iruka then has more flashbacks and starts to explain that they were the same as children. Iruka then starts to cry, and starts saying how it must have been painful for Naruto as he's crouched over him with the shuriken sticking out of his back. Iruka then apologizes to Naruto as Mizuki starts to laugh and exclaims how Iruka always hated Naruto for killing his parents, and that he says all that, but he only wants the scroll back. Naruto makes a confused face and runs off to the woods with Iruka shouting after him. Mizuki jumps down from the tree he was on and explains how Naruto isn't type to have a change of heart. Then we see Naruto running through the woods, and Mizuki saying how he'll use the scroll to get revenge on the village. Now back to Mizuki as he says that Naruto's eyes are like a demon fox's. Iruka says that Naruto isn't like that and pulls the shuriken from his back and throwing it a Mizuki who calmly steps out of the way saying that if he kills Naruto, he'll get the scroll, and take care of Iruka later. Then he leaves in Naruto's direction and Iruka follows. The scene is now of the Hokage looking in to a crystal ball making the observation that Mizuki has told Naruto. As he watches Naruto run through the forest, he says that Naruto is now afraid like never before and that the sealed power may be released. Also, he is holding the Scroll of Seals, but the odds of him breaking the seal and letting the NineTails loose are one in a million but it is possible, and if that happens; and he ends mid-sentence. Now back to the woods and the fleeing Naruto, Iruka seems to have found Naruto and reassures him that what Iruka said was false, and to pass him the scroll. Naruto then jumps up and delivers a hard blow to Iruka who falls to the ground as Naruto stops. Iruka can't believe it, that Naruto found out it was really Mizuki transformed. As Naruto sits down, he grins, and transforms in to Iruka and says it's because he's Iruka. (Confused yet..?) Mizuki then starts to wonder how Iruka could transform in to what killed his parents just to protect him. Iruka says that he doesn't want to hand the scroll over to an idiot like Mizuki. So Mizuki calls Iruka an idiot, and says now that he and Naruto are the same, while Iruka wonders why. Mizuki says that if you use the techniques in the scroll, you can do whatever you want, there's no way the NineTails wouldn't try and use that kind of power. Iruka agrees and Naruto sits there thinking about how he knew all along that Iruka, deep down, doesn't acknowledge him. (Naruto was behind a tree close to them the entire time.) Then Iruka starts to say how that would be true if he was the demon fox, but Naruto is different and that he's acknowledged him as one of his excellent students, and that he's hardworking and dedicated, but because he's clumsy nobody acknowledges him. He already knows what pain of the heart is, and he isn't the NineTails anymore, he's the Hidden Leaf's village Uzumaki Naruto! Then it closes up on a sniveling Naruto, then on an annoyed Mizuki as he calls Iruka hopeless and unlatches a second big shuriken saying he's decided to take care of him now so he should hurry up and die! Mizuki runs at him spinning the shuriken while Iruka thinks it's the end, then, out of nowhere, the real Naruto from behind the tree pops out and smashes Mizuki in the stomach sending him flying back while Iruka watches surprised. Mizuki warns Naruto, but he replies saying with a dark tone that if he touches Iruka, he'll kill him. Mizuki all peeved off says he could kill a punk like him in one shot, so Naruto dares him to try it, he'll return the pain a thousand times over. Mizuki encourages Naruto so he performs the Shadow Clone Technique with perfect accuracy that he learned from the Scroll of Seals. Now, Naruto creates one heck of a lot of clones, to many to count, so I'll leave you with more then 100. Iruka sits there dumbfounded explaining how the Shadow Clone Technique is different from the Clone Technique and this creates actual bodies and not illusions. Mizuki starts to freak out as all the Naruto's start to ask what's wrong, and saying come at me. Mizuki falls back, and Naruto volunteers to start things off, then Mizuki screams and you see the sky and hear sounds of Mizuki getting pounded in to oblivion. The next scene you see a pretty well beaten up Mizuki laying on the ground, while Naruto stands there thinking he overdid it. He asks Iruka if he's alright and Iruka is impressed, and makes an assumption of Naruto surpassing all previous Hokage. He asks Naruto to come over to him because he has something to give him. Scene change, as we see all the other shinobi that scattered earlier on, wondering if anyone's found Naruto. The Hokage approaches and tells everyone there's nothing to worry about now, and that he'll be back soon. Scene change, again, now we have a black screen, and Naruto asking if he can open his eyes. Iruka tells him sure, and he opens his eyes to see a beaming Iruka sitting there with Naruto's goggles in hand. The view changes as we see all of Naruto now wearing a forehead protector just as the day breaks and the rays of sun come through the trees with the birds singing. Iruka congratulates Naruto on graduating, and now it's Naruto's turn to look dumbfounded as Iruka makes plans to celebrate and buy Naruto a bowl of ramen. Naruto's lips begin to tremble as he throws himself on to Iruka and they land on a tree Naruto shouting to Iruka about something. While this is going on in the background, Iruka starts to sat how he was about to explain that the hard part of being a shinobi had just begun, but he'll save that for the ramen place. Then the ending plays, and scenes from the next episode play out as well.

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