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Episode 18 - A Tool Called Shinobi Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 18 - A Tool Called Shinobi. Written by Itachi
Haku stands still and quiet as he waits fo Naruto to finish him off. "Please, kill me now." Haku says. Naruto is angered by Haku's willingness to die so easily. He asks Haku why he is dying for Zabuza. Haku explains and tells Naruto to kill him. Naruto draws his kunai and begins running toward Haku. Meanwhile, Kakashi is running towards Zabuza. Haku stops Naruto's attack and disappears.Kakashi attacks Zabuza and blood flies in all directions. When the dog's disappeared, Kakashi was shocked to see Haku on the receiving end of the Lightning Blade. Haku grabs hold of Kakashi's arm and dies. Zabuza takes the oppurunity to try and slice through both Haku and Kakashi, but fails. Kakashi breaks free of Haku's grip and attacks Zabuza one last time. Meanwhile, Sakura and Tazuna stand in shock above Sasuke's body.Sakura sheds tears while Naruto clenches his chest. Kakashi stabs Zabuza's arm with two kunai's and just when it seemed over, Gaot shows up with a group of thugs and says "He's sure made a big mess of you, Zabuza."

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Episode Summary for Episode 18 - A Tool Called Shinobi. Written by
This episode starts off with Haku talking to Naruto. He says “when a person has something or someone precious to protect that is when they can become truly strong". He also asks “Why aren't you going to kill me? I killed an important person of yours but you aren't going to kill me". Naruto then tells Haku that Sasuke had a dream too and he starts crying. Haku tells Naruto about his past life and Naruto finds out that Haku had also had a very troubled life. Then Naruto punches Haku as hard as he could and Haku started tumbling to keep his balance and spits out blood then he asks "where has all that great chakra power gone? Haku tells Naruto that he was only a tool to Zabuza and now there is no use and no reason to be alive anymore and asks Naruto to kill him. Naruto yells at him telling him that he didn't have to work for Zabuza and doesn't have to be a tool neither. He also tells Haku that they could have been friends. Naruto doesn't convince Haku and Haku asks Naruto to kill. Back where Kakshi and Zabuza were fighting Zabuza is stuck because of the dogs that Kakashi had summoned. Kakashi then does his really powerful 'Chidori technique' and Zabuza gets shocked because he has never seen chakra being held before. Back to Naruto. Naruto takes out his Kunai knife and starts to run towards Haku. But Haku grabs Naruto's arm and Naruto then becomes confuse and shocked. Haku tells him that he one last thing to do before Naruto could kill him. Haku then disappears. While Naruto tries to look for Haku he sees Kakashi and Zabuza standing there and there was also someone else standing in front of Zabuza. Naruto stood there for a while and Sakura called out to him. “Naruto, where’s Sasuke?” Naruto then remembered about Sasuke and put his head down. Sakura then knew something was up and ran past Naruto to see Sasuke. Sakura started crying and talking to him. Naruto runs towards them and finds Haku standing in front of Zabuza. He gets shocked and so does Kakashi and Zabuza. Heaps and heaps of blood starts pouring out of Haku. Zabuza gives a grin and says "good work Haku" but Haku had already died during the attack. Zabuza then grabs his sword and swings it towards Kakashi with Haku still holding onto Kakashi's arm. Kakashi then jumps and dodges the attack. Kakashi gently puts Haku down on the ground and Zabuza goes after Kakashi again. Kakashi dodges all Zabuza’s attack. Zabuza seems to be getting slower. Then Kakashi stabs a kunai knife on his right and Zabuza’s arm is disabled. Then he tries to attack Kakashi with his other arm and Kakashi stabs another kunai knife in his left arm and now Zabuza can’t use both his arms.

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