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Episode 2 - I am Konohamaru Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 2 - I am Konohamaru. Written by Sakura
The episode starts off with the beginning theme song playing as usual. We then switch over to a photographer sitting atop a building asking Naruto if he's really going to have his picture taken with that kind of face on, but Naruto just edges him on to do it. After the whole ‘say cheese' bit the picture is taken, and we see Naruto painted white from head to toe with red swirls on him making a nasty face, then the title of the show appears.

Now we're back at Shinobi School with Naruto sitting in a chair and the Hokage reading over his ninja profile with the picture taken on it, while Naruto grins and smirks.

Contents of the profile paper
Profile: Hobby is to pull pranks. Favourite food is ramen, especially miso ramen.
Ninja Registration Form: Registration Number 102607
Date of Birth: October 10th, 12 years old, Libra.

The Hokage stares blankly at the page for a second as Naruto begins to explain how he couldn't make a nice face so it took him three hours to put what he has on together, and he wonders if the Hokage thinks it's artistic or cool. So naturally, the Hokage tells him to retake it. A stupefied Naruto answers no, but the Hokage still tells him to retake it, Naruto disagrees yet again. After an awkward silence, Naruto uses his Sexy Technique to turn in to a beautiful woman again, and tries to use that as a matter of persuasion. This just gives the Hokage a bloody nose and makes him fall back on his chair laying on the ground looking slightly weird, while Naruto stand there, normal again looking shocked at what he did. The view changes to a little boy entering the room, now back to the Hokage calling the Sexy Technique absurd, with Naruto grinning yet again. The Hokage inquires about the whereabouts of Naruto's forehead protector since he's not wearing it, and Naruto says he doesn't want it to get scratched before the meeting. The Hokage begins to explain the Ninja Forms will be kept secret in the village and that it's an important document, even to Naruto, so what's with the face?

Naruto just says he doesn't understand these complex things, just then the little boy we saw earlier comes rushing in to the room with a shuriken in his hand saying his name is Konohamaru, that was wants to fight the Hokage, and that the title of Fifth Hokage belongs to him. He then proceeds to trip on his scarf, and falls flat on the floor, while Naruto stares and the Hokage keeps thinking problems keep showing up. A man runs in to the room to find the boy on the floor asking if that was a trap, the man calls him young master, asks if he's okay, and reassures him there are no traps. Naruto's still staring, wondering about the kid, when the man realizes that Naruto is the NineTails and how he really hates him. Konohamaru walks over to Naruto and accuses him of setting a trap, Naruto gets peeved off and lifts up the kid by his scarf saying he tripped on his own. The man then tells Naruto to let go of him, because he is the Third Hokage's grandson. Naruto stares .. yet again .. as Konohamaru begins to think of how Naruto must be like everyone else, refusing to touch him because of his status.

Konohamaru dares Naruto to hit him, saying he's no match for a grandson of the Third Hokage, but Naruto exclaims that he doesn't care and smacks him across the head calling him an idiot with the man staring ahead like the world has just come to an end, and the Hokage doesn't care. The man starts explaining to Konohamaru to not get involved with Naruto, because nothing good will come of it. He states that he is Ebisu his elite teacher, and is never wrong, and that the easiest way to become Hokage is to learn through him. But Konohamaru is gone before he's done speaking, the Hokage says that he must have went off with Naruto and Ebisu goes to find him, leaving the Hokage to think about Konohamaru and that it worries him that he's with Naruto.

Yay new scene, we're now in the middle of the streets of Konoha with Naruto being followed by Konohamaru who's trying to use various camouflage covers, but Naruto notices every one of them and points out its really obvious to where he's hiding. Konohamaru comes out telling Naruto he wants to be his follower and in return Naruto has to teach him the Sexy Technique which he used to sort of kind of defeat the Hokage, but not really. Naruto disagrees, but Konohamaru starts calling him boss, and I guess Naruto got tempted by power because he agreed in the end. The two start walking the streets and Naruto explains that to use ninja techniques you need to make good use of your chatora (brown tiger) so Konohamaru imagines a brown tiger and tries to remind Naruto that it's really Chakra.

Naruto realizes his mistake and comes back with a lie about how all good ninjas say it chatora, and Konohamaru believes him, so Naruto is glad the kid is stupid. Naruto begins to explain what Chakra is, but Konohamaru continues for him saying that it's the energy you use to execute a technique. Ninja techniques use both Chakra, the body energy existent in every cell of the body and spirit energy, which accumulates through training and experience; after those two are mixed and a seal is formed, it is executed. After diagrams explaining Chakra, and the explanation finished, Naruto yells at Konohamaru for acting like he knows everything when he's just reading from a scroll.

Naruto begins to explain that this could go and on but it really takes two things; hard work and guts. He says he'll train Konohamaru hard, and asks him to transform in to a beautiful woman he saw buying something from a stand to see how good his techniques are. Konohamaru tries, but manages to transform in to a fat and lumpy woman with a distorted face. Naruto says the clothes look fine, but the woman says to be behind him and gets peeved off, hits Naruto, tells Konohamaru to transform in to something cuter when doing her and leaves. Konohamaru calls her scary, and Naruto wonders why he was the one to get hit.

Now we find ourselves in front of a shop with Naruto exclaiming that they're going to do some research of pheromones! They enter the store silently, because the owner is snoozing on the counter as they head to the back and pull out a soft-core porn magazine with women in bathing suits. While ogling through it, what they don't notice is the owner woke up, and he's standing right above them ready to thwack them with a mop. He reminds them Naruto that there's no browsing in the store, next thing you hear is a whipping sound and scene change.

Now they're in front of a woman's bath house as Naruto proclaims that this is the last spot, he turns his head and you see he has a bruised eye from the evil owner of the shop. Both Naruto and Konohamaru transform in to women and enter the bath house only to be beaten out by hordes of screaming women.

Now, in the forest, Naruto is pretty badly beat up, and he wonders why he's the only one being pounded since Konohamaru doesn't have a scratch on him, Konohamaru apologizes because he's the Hokage's grandson and all but Naruto tells him not to worry about it, and that the preparations for the Sexy Technique are complete. The basics to the technique are big breasts, thin waist, and big bottoms. Konohamaru tries but it's the same as before, so he keeps at it for a bit.

Meanwhile Ebisu is sitting on top of the Hokage monument wondering where Naruto took Konohamaru while explaining that he's taught many Hokage candidate students, and that anyone who gets in the way will be eliminated.

Now we're back with Naruto and Konohamaru, sitting on a log drinking something from a vending machine. Naruto asks Konohamaru why he's so obsessed with Old Man Hokage, and he answers because he gave him the name Konohamaru after the village, and no one ever calls him that, they just see the Hokage's grandson, and no one recognizes him as an individual, so he wants to be Hokage to be recognized. Naruto says he an idiot and no one will ever recognize him, because it's not a title a kid can carry easily, and if he wants to be Hokage, he has to beat Naruto first.

Now we see the Hokage looking up at the Hokage monument when Iruka appears asking about Naruto and if he properly turned in his registration form, because he lectured him at the ramen stand a couple of days ago and now he's happy that he's a ninja so that the village can recognize him. The Hokage then starts on a long speech about how the Fourth Hokage sealed the NineTails inside of Naruto in hopes of him becoming a hero to everyone in the village, but no one saw it that way, and some even believe he was the NineTails himself. The parent's hatred was passed down to the children, but the children do not know about the NineTails being inside of Naruto and that is the only hope he has.

Now for the flying Ebisu! Well, not really, he's kind of jumping through trees looking for Naruto and Konohamaru, and guess what, he found them! Ebisu gives a cold stare at Naruto and calls him a damn monster fox, and Naruto recalls that stare from everyone in the village. Ebisu starts to ask Konohamaru to come back with him, but he refuses saying he'll get Hokage right now. Ebisu starts to explain the principles of becoming Hokage, but Konohamaru used the Sexy Technique on him, and actually transforms pretty well. However, it has no effect on Ebisu; he just gets peeved off and calls it an indecent technique saying that a gentlemen like him with never fall to such a low technique, and starts to say that the more time Konohamaru spends with Naruto, the dumber and dumber he'll become. The fastest way to become Hokage is to train with him.

Konohamaru still refuses to go, and Naruto uses the Shadow Clone Technique and impresses Konohamaru beyond belief. Ebisu starts to explain how he's an elite teacher and different from Mizuki while Hokage watches through his crystal ball again. Just as Ebisu gets in to fighting stance, all the clones begin to transform in to, and you guessed it, Sexy Technique clones! And they all glomp Ebisu at once! Now this gives him one heck of a MAJOR nosebleed and he goes flying across the screen landing on the ground, dumbfounded. Naruto says he calls it the Harem* Technique, and then the Hokage starts to explain how he created another useless technique combining the Sexy Technique, and the Shadow Clone Technique, but he'd fall for it too, probably.

Now we're in the forest while the sun is setting, and Konohamaru is peeved off that he didn't beat the glass eyed teacher of his, and he wants the Hokage title. Naruto goes in to a speech about how becoming Hokage isn't easy, and there will be a lot of tough things and hard work, but it's important to get through it all. Then the leaves start to rustle as he finishes with the fact that there is no shortcut. Konohamaru kind of stares for a bit, then reminds himself of the fact that he has to beat Naruto still, then quits being his followers and announces them as rivals. Naruto apologizes and says that he'll be a ninja starting tomorrow, and they'll fight one day for the title of Hokage, he then walks away waving with the back of his hand while Konohamaru salutes him. Then the end plays and the scenes from the next episode play out too.

*Harem; Harem in Japanese means every guys dream of being surrounded by girls and such. So thinking of what Naruto did, it makes sense.

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Episode Summary for Episode 2 - I am Konohamaru. Written by ttt
This episode wasn't really that important, but it introduces a new characture,Konohamaru! The episode begins with Naruto getting his picture taken for the ninja yearbook. just to let you know,he painted his face in a strange way. He takes it in to the third hogake to get it in the yearbook and the hogake says " Do it over!" Naruto dose his usual arguing, when a little brat runs in and shouts" On garud old man!?" and suddenly trips over his own feet. The kids name is Konohamaru by the way. Konohamaru's tutor,Ebisu, runs in in search for him, and Konohamaru yells" He tripped Me", and Naruto comes back saying" You tripped over your own feet brat!!!" Naruto picks him up andis about to hit him when Ebisu shouts" Unhand him, he is the honorable grandson of the third hogake!" Naruto replies" Like I care!" and whacks Konohamaru upside the head. Naruto leavs and Konohamaru folows thinking Naruto dosen't notice him, when it's tottaly obvious. Konohamaru asks Naruto to be his new tutor and to teach him the ninja centerfold jutsu Naruto used on the Hogake. Naruto says yes and begins teaching him the ninja centerfold jutsu he invented. Problem is, Konohamaru turns into a fat,short,ugly chick! After that training they are sitting on a log, while Naruto is drinking a pop. Konohamaru tells Naruto That he wants to become the next hogake, so people will call him by his real name,Konohamaru, and not the honorable grandson of the third hogake! Naruto says "Ha, it's to big of a name for a little guy,and to become the next hogake, he'd have to beat him in a fight for it! All of the sudden Ebisu pops up and says"There you are, honorable grandson, come with me to continue proper training!" Konohamaru yells"Naruto is my new trainer!" Ebisu says" But you don't even know one jutsu!" Konohamaru replies" Oh ya, how do ya like my jutsu!" and Konohamaru turns into a sexy girl surronded in light mist! Ebisu nose starts to bleed in emberasment and says" Not proper for a mans eyes" Konohamaru turns back to normal and says" Oh man, why didn't it work!?" All of the sudden Naruto uses his dobbleganger jutsu, surrounds Ebisu and uses his ninja centerfold jutsu, turns into a bunch of pretty naked girls and smothers Ebisu with all of them! Ebisu's nose bleeds again, and he shoots out of nowhere. In the end Konohamaru dosen't want to be tuterd by anyone and Naruto and him are now rivals!!

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Episode Summary for Episode 2 - I am Konohamaru. Written by Naruto
That day,Naruto turns in his so called artistic "school pic" for the yearbook.Lord Hokage tells Naruto to do it over.All of a sudden,a little kid comes running into the room
and trips on his own feet while accusing Naruto
of tripping him.The kid is introduced as Konoha-
maru,Lord Hokage's grandson.Master Ebisu,the tutor of Konohamaru comes into the scene.In
Ebisu's perspective,he thinks that Naruto is a
disgrace to the Leaf Village.

Konohamaru assumes that Naruto tripped him and gets pissed.Naruto argues and smacks Hokage's
grandson on the head.After class,Konohamaru follows Naruto and says he want to learn the Ninja
Centerfold and be his apprentice.

Master Ebisu gets worried and starts to search for
Konohamaru.Meanwhile,Naruto and the honorable
grandson are in the woods practicing the Ninja
Centerfold.Konohamaru tries to conjur a perfect illusion of a girl naked,but so far all he can do
is conjur a fat girl in a bikini.

Konohamaru tells how he wants to become Lord Hokage.Naruto says that if he wants to become Lord
Hokage,he'll have to take the name away from him.

Later,Master Ebisu finds Konohamaru and tries to take him away from Naruto.Then Konohamaru does a
perfect Ninja Centerfold but it does nothing to
phase Ebisu.All of a sudden Naruto performs the
ART OF THE DOPPELGANGER mixed with the Ninja
Centerfold and leaves Master Ebisu helpless to do
nothing but to succumb to the hornyness in the move.Naruto named that move tha Ninja Harem.

After a little disscussion,Naruto and Konohamaru agree on becoming rivals!!!

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