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Episode 20 - New Saga Begins! It's the Chuunin Exam Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 20 - New Saga Begins! It's the Chuunin Exam. Written by giselle
Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura meet with Kakashi the next morning. Naruto begs Kakashi for a harder mission, claiming that all of their previous ones have been too easy. Instead, Kakashi assigns them to pull up weeds in a local garden. Competing with Sasuke again, Naruto tries to pull more up than Sasuke. However, he accidentally pulls up the garden as well. Next, Kakashi assigns them to pick up litter. Naruto falls over the edge of the river, only to be saved by Sasuke. Afterwards, Kakashi assigns them to capture a guard dog. However, the guard dog drags Naruto into the electric fence. As they are walking back, Naruto accuses Sasuke of hogging the spotlight. Sasuke replies that Naruto should stop hogging the spotlight - if he did, he wouldn't need to be saved so often.

Kakashi decides to call it a day and Naruto turns to head away. As he is doing so, he sees a poorly concealed rock trying to follow him. He confronts it and finds Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon following him. They ask him to play ninja with them and he agrees. When Sakura approaches, Konohamaru asks Naruto if she is his girlfriend. Angered, Sakura punches Naruto and then beats up the kids. As they turn to run, Konohamaru runs into two strangers, who are foreign ninjas. When they pick up Konohamaru, Naruto asks them to let the kid go. However, they refuse, angry at the disrespect from them. When the stranger goes to punch Konohamaru, Sasuke distracts him by throwing a rock. The stranger challenges Sasuke, but before he can fight, a child named Gaara steps in and asks them to break it up. Meanwhile, the Hokage announces that the Chuunin examination will take place in seven days

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