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Episode 24 - I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 24 - I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam. Written by tylor
Naruto figures out that the first part of the exam is a written test. he gets freaked out. Naruto turns to find Hinata next to him. Ibiki the first round examiner says for every question you get wrong you lose a point starting with ten points. If you get a perfect score you got to keep your ten points. Rule number 2 is if any of the elite ninjas see you cheating then they'll take 2 points from every team member in your cell. The last rule is if anyone in a team gets them all wrong then the whole cell is disqualified. Sasuke and sakura are freaked out. The test begins and Naruto can't answer any of the questions.sakura can answer the first question no problem . Naruto turns around only to see Sasuke smirking. But the truth is he can't answer a single question either. Then he sees the last question which Ibiki will announce 45 minutes into the exam. Naruto decides he has to try to cheat. Then Sasuke remembers ibiki saying that if you want to be a Chunin you should start acting like one. Then Sasuke realizes that you are supposed to cheat without the proctors noticing. Akamaru is on top of Kiba's head looking at others papers to get the answer. Shino has a bug that is flying around finding the answers. By the rythym of the writing the sound guy can tell what the answers are. Neji uses the evil eye to see what another is seeing. Sasuke uses the Sharingan copy eye to copy peoples every move. naruto is about to look behind to cheat but then a kunai knife zips past him and hits the person's paper. The person is disqualified with his team. Then Hinata offers Naruto to look at her paper. Naruto looks but then sees a proctor write something down. he refuses. He decides that the tenth question is his only hope. Sasuke and sakura are writing non-stop. Soon sakura stops and Ino falls asleep. Sakura is zapped. ino is suddenly in Sakura's body she memorizes the answers to write down on hers and her teammates papers. Then Gaara opens his third eye. The guy in front of him gets something in his eye. Then an eyeball appears in front of his paper. kankuro goes to the bathroom with a proctor behind a wall. Crow gives him all the answers. Then Ibiki announces that it has been forty five minutes and it is time for the tenth question...

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Episode Summary for Episode 24 - I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam. Written by shin.chrono
To start off the Chuunin selection exam, Naruto discovers that there will be a written test. (scaring the **** out of him ^_^) When all of the students are given the test, they learn how the point system works: there are 10 questions, and each person starts off with 10 points. every wrong answer will take off 1 point, and every time they are caught cheating, 2 points will be subtracted. Only 9 questions will be given at the beginning, and after 45 min. (1 hour is alloted for the test) the 10th question will be given. Anyone with 0 points at the end of the test will fail. Those caught cheating stupidly will fail. And finally...if anyone fails, so does their entire team! Upon hearing this, Sasuke and Sakura are terrified, as they don't expect Naruto to get any points.

When the students are given their tests, Naruto realizes that he can't do any of the problems at all! Moreso, if he tries to cheat, he will end up failing his entire team! However, unknown to Naruto, Sasuke and the rest of the students are also unable to answer the questions. Then, Sasuke realizes that if only 2 points are deducted for being caught cheating, then it could be worth it to cheat! Also...he remembers that the examiner said "Those caught cheating STUPIDLY will be failed." Then he realizes that this test is not to test their knowledge, but rather to test their cheating abilities!

However, one person does not realize this: Naruto. Keeping his pride, he turns down an offer to cheat from Hinata, who is sitting right next to him. Then, with time running out and a completely blank paper, he reaches his conclusion: He'll put all of his effort into the mysterious 10th question!

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Episode Summary for Episode 24 - I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam. Written by AzN_B0i
In the start they were sitting down,when Naruto saw one of the ninja holding a pice of paper....he hoped that he didn't have to write but he did lol(it was Naruto wrost subject)then when they were doing the test,the man said the rule were sumthing blah blah......dat all i can rememberr and dat u can cheat without letting them knoeing ^^

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