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Episode 25 - This is it! The Last Stand, Question #10 Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 25 - This is it! The Last Stand, Question #10. Written by Flame Pegasus
The episode starts out with all of the remaining Genin getting ready for the 10th question. Kankuro comes back from the bathroom and gives his teammate Temari the answers to the first 9 questions. Morino Ibiki (the proctor of the 1st exam) gives a choice of staying or leaving for the 10th question. Some squads leave and the rest stay. Sakura has a flashback about Naruto always saying that he wants to be Hokage of Konohagure. Sakura doesn't want it to be taken away from him, so she gets ready to raise her hand. Naruto raises his shaking hand instead. He then slams it down and yells, "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME! I'M GONNA BE THE NEXT HOKAGE! BELIVE IT!" He sits down and crosses his arms. Ibiki asks Naruto one last time, and he still refuses to give up. The other teams have enough confidence. 'Seventy-eight teams.. More than I expected.' is what Ibiki thinks. However, he continues with the exam. He says that they all pass the first exam. He then explains that there was never a written 10th question. Eventually, someone breaks through the glass. 'Not her.. Not now.' is what Ibiki thinks. The person introduces herself as Mitarashi Anko, the proctor of the 2nd exam. Sakura thinks that she's another Naruto. Ibiki explains that she's early again. With a scene shift, we go to Training Area 44... Also known as The Forest of Death. Anko explains that they have to get either a Heaven scroll or a Earth scroll. With another scene shift, Ibiki sees Naruto's paper. He notices that he didn't answer a single question, which means he was sitting there the whole time being scared. Well, anyway, Ibiki says, "Naruto Uzumaki. He's a funny kid..."

Then from there, the episode ends with a preview of what happens in Episode 26.

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Episode Summary for Episode 25 - This is it! The Last Stand, Question #10. Written by Ana Luisa
The teacher is going to ask the tenth question and he sais that if someone wants to quit instead of getting the 10th question they can, but if they do they have to wait to next year to take the test again, if they stay and get the answer wrong, they'll loose all their points and their team would also fail! Naruto freaks out, Sasuke doesen't show any feelings like allways, but you can tell he's a bit scared because if Naruto or Sakura quit, then he'll have to go with them. Sakura is thinking "Naruto, why don't you raise your hand?...Loser" Then she has a flashback about how he's allways saying he'll be lord Hokage and he'll be the best. She looks at him and thinks "Your drean might be crazy, but I don't want it taken away from you" She starts to raise her hand...but she stops as Naruto quickly raises his. She's schocked and Sasuke looks horrified. Naruto starts to shake. Then he slams his hand down on the dest and yells "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME!!! I DON'T QUIT AND I WON'T RUN! I'LL ACCEPT YOUR STUPID QUESTION!! eVEN IF I RISK ENDING UP A ROOKIE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE...I'LL STILL BECOME LORD HOKAGE,EVEN IF I CAN ONLY MAKE IT BY PURE STUBBERNESS, I DON'T CARE!!" People stare at him wide eyed! He continues "I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!" Sasuke then thinks, "he...never even gave us a thought. But he certainly does have guts." Then Sakura finishes his thought "Good thing...bacause an idiot like him needs them!" Then Ibiki (their teacher) sais to naruto "I'll ask you one last time. This is a decision thet could affect the rest of your life. Quit now, while you still have the chance." Naruto replies, "I never go back on my word. Cussedness is part of my shinobi skill set!" Then ll the students that were left smiled at naruto's reply, exept for Sasuke, he smirked. Then Ikibi thought "Seventy-eight of them are still here. Hmmmm...an entertaining kid.and interesting. He dispelled everyone else's doubts along with his own. More than I Expected but...there's no point in dragging it out. Thanks to him...no one else will quit." He looks over at the elite ninjas and they nod. Then the teacher sais "good call. So everyon who is still here..." Most of the students gulp. "...you've just passed the first exam!!!" Naruto looks surprized.

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Episode Summary for Episode 25 - This is it! The Last Stand, Question #10. Written by kitecloud
When the tenth problem comes up Naruto is freaked out because if you don't get it you will have to be a Genin forever. A lot of people don't take it and leave. Naruto raises his hand before Sakura does because she wants him to have his imposible dream. Naruto then slams down his hand and says you can't scare me I'm going to become Hokage even if I get the problem wrong. Then he sits back down satifed with himself. The problem turns out to be nothing. The teacher made everyone scard so they would quit. He says ther was no tenth problem to begin with I just wanted to see the people how really wanted to become Chunnins and there are right here the rest didn't really want to or they want have quit. Everyone passes

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