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Episode 26 - Must Watch! Report Before Entering the Forest of Death! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Must Watch! Report Before Entering the Forest of Death!. Written by MarryMe,Naruto!
For about a half hour before the episode actually gets anywhere with the chuunin exam, there are some basic introductions to all the characters big and small. The reintroduction of everything (which happens in all anime, basically) is made much smoother by Konohamaru saying he has to review all this stuff for his school report. Supposedly the Hokage told Anko (the next examiner) to make the genins cooperate. There are re-statements of all the key elements in the ninja world, like chakura, ninjitsu, the ways of the shinobi etc.

Finally the report is over and Anko opens the gate to the Forest of Death, explaining that all the teams are supposed to fight over two kinds of scrolls: the scrolls of heaven, and the scrolls of earth. Hlf the teams will get the scrolls of heaven, and the other half get scrolls of earth.

But in order for your team to pass the exam, it must present both a scroll of heaven AND a scroll of earth. So in other words, they have to steal a scroll from another team, and keep their own scroll from being stolen. All this in a maximum of 120 hours [five days]. Of course there are man eating beasts and poisonous gross stuff, otherwise they wouldn't call it the forest of death.

Later when they've entered the forest, Naruto goes for a piss behind the bushes, and when he comes out, he has his holster on his left leg. Sakura doesn't notice, but Sasuke sees it instantly, and they start to fight..sasuke claiming that the person is not naruto. He's right. Sasuga Sasuke-kun! He's pretty AND smart!

Yeah. End of summary.

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