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Episode 3 - Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura. Written by Sakura
The third episode opens up to Naruto waking up. He wakes up to a breakfast of ramen and milk. He excuses himself from breakfast and puts on his hitai-ate. He then sets out for the next and upcoming level of ninja school. Today is the day of truth for Naruto as he becomes a real ninja. It is the Orientation for all new ninjas at the Ninja Academy.

On his way to school, he comes in contact with Konohamaru, Naruto's temporary student. Konohamaru attempted to sneak up behind Naruto and attack him. He foolishly tripped on his own cloth instead. Naruto, full of pride, makes his headband dinstinct to Konohamaru. His headband signifies him as a real ninja.

Meanwhile, Haruno Sakura is preparing for the Orientation at the Ninja Academy, as well. While walking to the academy, Sakura encounters someone who could be labeled as her old friend and new rival. This person is identified as Ino. After an exchange of insults, they race each other to their classroom. They both finish at the classroom at the same time.

An argument is ignited when they are trying to decide who should sit next to Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke is the an elite rookie and the last survivor of the Uchiha Clan. As always, Naruto noticed he was not the center of the attention. A jealous Naruto stood up on top of the desk in front of Sasuke, staring down at him. A bystander pushes Naruto, and he falls on top of Sasuke. He accidentlly kisses him. Sakura is very mad at Naruto that he stole Sasuke's first kiss, instead of her. Sakura beats Naruto out of jealousy.

Class begins when Iruka, the classroom's teacher, walks in. He settles down the class and tells them that they will be divided into groups of three-man teams to enhance their training. It turns out that Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura become a team. It's obvious that Naruto is happy to be with Sakura and Sakura is happy to be with Sasuke. Sasuke feels that both of his teammates will just get in his way. Hyuuga Hinata, a fellow graduate, is disappointed not to be paired up with her crush, Naruto.

The scene opens to lunchtime. Sakura insults Naruto and ventures off to find Sasuke. Naruto, looking for revenge, locates Sasuke eating by himself. Out of spite Naruto attacks Sasuke with a rope. The two fight and ultimately, Sasuke is victorious. He ties Naruto up in the end. After the fight, Sasuke joins Sakura for lunch and questions her feelings about Naruto. She goes on and on about how annoying he is and how she does not understand him.

There is a flashback to the building where Sasuke tied up Naruto. Instead of Naruto being tied up, it showed Sasuke tied and gagged. Naruto used his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to overwhelm Sasuke and transform into him. Both the transformed Sasuke and Sakura are in the park alone. Just as they are about to kiss, Sasuke proclaims he has stomach problems and runs off to the bathroom. While the transformed Sasuke is in the bathroom, the real Sasuke walks passed Sakura. He cares nothing for her as he looks for Naruto. He wanted to figure out why Naruto attacked him during lunch. Sasuke sees Naruto as he is coming out of the bathroom. He questions him. As another fight between the two start, Naruto caught himself in a bad position. He had to relieve himself.

As Naruto is walking back to the classroom, he is stopped by Sakura. She tried to relieve the anger between them. Naruto was not used to Sakura being nice to him. He thought it was Sasuke trying to obtain revenge on him. Before Naruto can do anything, he has to, once again, relieve himself.

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Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura. Written by Sand Demon
This episode was funny. It starts off with Naruto waking up, eating breakfast, and preparing for class. Meanwhile, Sakura is racing to class with Ino, a rival trying to win the heart of Sasuke. Naruto was already in class when Sakura and Ino rush in. Naruto stands up and waves in hopes of getting Sakura's attention, Sakura also waves, but not at him. As Sakura ran over about to sit next to Sasuke, ALL the girls in the class started arguing over who should sit next to Sasuke. Anoied, Naruto got in front of Sasuke. They were glaring at each other (they hate each other). Shikamaru, a boy in front of Sasuke (besides Naruto) bumped into Naruto and him and Sasuke. . . . . KISSED!!! All the girls got mad. Sakura thought "I was sopposed to have Sasuke's 1st kiss! Naruto will pay!" Then, girls beat the sence out of him. Iruka, a teacher (and sometimes, acts like a brother to Naruto), announced the groups. Good for Sakura, she was in Sasuke's group. Bad for Naruto, he was also in Sasuke's group. Later in the show, Sakura was calling out to Sasuke and asking if he wanted to have lunch with her. He just walked away. Naruto came up to Sakura and asked if she would want to go to lunch with him. Sadly, he was put down. He was mad. So, he went to Sasuke's place and..... tied him up, hand and feet! From there, the transformed into Sasuke by a jutsu. Sakura was sitting alone eating lunch on a bench when Sasuke, A.K.A. Naruto, stood in the distence and said "I love that big forehead of yours..... That's a dumb thing Naruto would say." As he sat down, Sakura started to express what she felt about him (Sasuke). Soon after, they were leaning in to kiss. Remember the breakfast Naruto had? The milk he was drinking was bad. Then, he was about to break the jutsu so he rushed off to the bathroom. Sakura thought he (Sasuke, not the real one) was nervous. As Naruto came out of the bathroom, he saw the real Sasuke. Naruto thought he could tie him up again, so, he did the Shadow Clone Jutsu (like before). Then, when he (all of the Naruto's) was about to attack, the bad milk reared it's ugly head and all of Naruto's went strait to the bathroom. Sasuke (the real him) walked passed the bench where Sakura was. She tried to "sweet talk" him into giving the kiss another try and for him to not be nervous. She started to say stuff about Naruto, and Sasuke said "You don't know what it's like to be alone", etc. stuff like that. She thought she should be nicer to Naruto. Naruto walked by the bench. Sakura offered to go to lunch with him, but hearing what she said about him, he said NO!!! And of couse, ran back to the bathroom and said "Am I gonna spend the rest of my life on the pot?!?!?!?!?!" Of course I did leave out some stuff so forgive me!!!! :)

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Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura. Written by Millenia Star
Starts out with Naruto waking up, eating breakfast, and getting ready for ninja class. Sakura Haruno, his classmate, is also getting ready, also getting annoyed by her mom nagging at her about hurrying to get ready for ninja class. She gets outside and then racing her rival, Ino Yamanaka, to class. Naruto is in class, waiting to see who he was going to be in the genin groups. Sakura and Ino enter, arguing about who got in first. Naruto started blushing(he has a crush on her). Sakura looked back towards him, and smiled brightly. Naruto felt and acted the same way. He says hello to her, but she was actually wanting to see Sasuke Uchiha, the most talented, strong, and most adored(by all the girls, that is). Sakura was just about to sit beside Sasuke, when there was a cat fight between all the girls on who was going to sit next to Sasuke. Naruto got angry. He then kneeled right in front of Sasuke's face, and they started glaring at each other. A boy sitting behind them, accidently bumped into Naruto, and (your gonna wanna throw up at this), but they KISSED!!! Sick! All the girls got upset, and Sakura broke down. She thought, "I was supposed to be Sasuke's first kiss! Naruto will pay for this!!!" All the girls then beat him up. (COMMERCIAL) Iruka was then announcing the genin groups. When Naruto heard that he was teamed up with Sakura, he cheered out loud, and Sakura thought to herself, "I'm doomed." But when Iruka announced that the third member was Sasuke, Sakura cheered, and Naruto thought, "I'm doomed." (skip to after) Sakura was calling out Sasuke, hoping that he would have lunch with her. Naruto then came up, and asked Sakura if he would eat with her. She then told him that she would never eat with him, and that he was annoying. Naruto got mad. He then thought that he could try and use his transforming Jutsu to transform into Sasuke, so he could get close to Sakura. He then trapped Sasuke in an empty room of the academy, used his Shadow Clone Jutsu to surprise him, and tied him up. Sakura was sitting alone on a bence eating her lunch when Sasuke (actually Naruto in the Transformation Jutsu) came up. They started talking (BLAH, BLAH, BLAH) and then, just when Sakura was about to kiss Naruto, Naruto had a horrible stomachache, and ran off to the bathroom. Sakura did'nt think that anything was wrong. She thought that Sasuke was nervous, and thought she should wait until he came back. Naruto got to the bathroom, and canceled out the Jutsu. He then thought that if Sakura thought that he was annoying, then he could'nt wait to try and be real obnoxious as Sasuke. When he came out, Sasuke was walking toward him (the real Sasuke) and asked him why he tricked him and tied him up. Naruto thought that he should have to tie him up again by using the same routine. He then used his Shadow Clone Jutsu. But when the army of Narutos were about to trampel Sasuke, Naruto's stomachache came back (along with all the other Narutos) and they all turned the other way and fought for the bathroom. Sasuke was humiliated and embarrased at the same time, but he did'nt really care (as usual). Back to Sakura. She thought that maybe she was being a little hard on Naruto, so she decided to try and be a little nicer to him. When he then arrived on the scene, Sakura fidgeted and attempted to say hello to him. Naruto thought that Sakura was actually Sasuke in disguise, trying to get back at him for tying him up. He then tried to tell her off, but, once again, his stomachache came back. Naruto then ran away. Sakura stood and stared, and got angry. Kakashi, a jonin, and the Hokage of the village, entered Naruto's apartment. Kakashi checked the milk that Naruto had earlier. He found out that the milk was way past the expiration date(which is the reason why he kept running towards the bathroom). Naruto sat on the seat screaming, "AM I GOING TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE ON THE POOOTTTT!!!!????"

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Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura. Written by violently happy
The episode starts off by Naruto waking up and looking at his calender.he notices that it is the explanatory meeting was today and got prepared ready for ninja class.Naruto ate of course his favourite food, ramen and some MILK.Since it was the explanatory meeting today Naruto decides to wear his konoha forhead protector to class.

Sakura also get ready for the explanatory meeting and on the way walking to school sees Ino.They both say goodmorning to each other and say that they arnt gonna lose to each other any more.Sakura and Ino then race to school to be the first person to sit next to sasuke.When they got to class Ino says:I win again Sakura.Sakura:what r u talking about my toe entered the class before yours by a centemeter!.Ino:Are you blind?Naruto had already entered the class.Sakura then runs to Sasuke to sit next to him.Naruto:Good morning Sakura-Chan!Sakura:Get out of my way!and just pushes Naruto aside.Sakura:Good morning Sasuke-Kun, can i sit next to you?Ino comes runing to Sakura and pulls Sakuras arm.Ino:Hey!im gonna sit next to him. Sakura: First come first serve.Ino:I came in the classroom before you.Sakura:I did!Crowd:if thats the case then i did!Iwas first!Im going to sit next to Sasuke.Sasuke:How annoying....Naruto (on the ground)then gets pissed off at Sasuke and steps on the table right in front of Sasuke.Sakura:Naruto! stop staring at Sasuke-Kun!Naruto:Sakura-chan.....Everyone is so obbsessed with Sasuke....What so good about him anyway? both Naruto and Sasuke get even more pissed that litle lightning bolts come out of their eyes aiming each other.Sakura also gets pissed.Sakura:Sasuke-kun just beat him up!Ino:yea!A male student in the class infront of the desk Naruto and Sasuke were sitting on:What?For real?....and then lays his arm on the desk behind him and accidently hitts Naruto on the back and naruto falls up.The male student:oh, sorry....Then right there NARUTO AND SASUKE HAVE THEIR FIRST KISS!Sakura then blowws up and her inner feelings say:DAMN IT!I was sopose to get Sasuke-Kuns first kiss!Naruto and Sasuke spring into action then start holding their nesks and spitting.Sasuke:Naruto, im going to kill you...Naruto:My mouth is going to rot....Naruto:I sense danger...and turns his head around.Sakura:Naruto...you...Naruto:It was and accident!Sakura:Your annoying!and cracks her fingers.Iruka-Sensi enters the room and says that their going to split with a jounin teacher in a group of three.Naruto, Sakura, Ino:A group of three?Ino:I wonder whos going to be in Sasukes-Kuns team...Sakura:i dont noe...Sasuke thinking:a group of three?thats only going to burden me.Iruka sensi:I will now annonuce them.........next 7th group...Uzumaki Naruto...Haruno Sakura...and Uchiha Sasuke.......

Naruto then asks Sakura if they could eat together since it was lunch and Sakura replies no.Sakura then continues trying to find Sasuke.....Naruto finds Sasuke, sneaks up to his apartment and fights with him.Sasuke comes out of his apartment meaning that Naruto was beatten instead and goes to Sakura.Sasuke and Sakura talk about a little about Naruto and were about to kiss when...oh no!Naruto turned into Sasuke and thats Naruto about to kiss Sakura...but Naurto/Sasuke gets a stomach ache and runs to the bathroom.Naruto sits on the toilet and turns back to normal.When Naruto is finished going to the toilet he ran outside and meets Sasuke. Naruto then skids to a stop.Naruto:what are you doing here!?Sasuke:the tecnique to intie ropes, its a basic.What are you planning to transform into me?Naruto:I just did it cause it seemed like fun!Again Naruto does shadow replication(shadow clones) and jumps in the air and all five Narutos were about to punch Sasuke when...all Narutos land back down and get another stomache ache.Narutos:Bathroom!and run to the bathroom.All Narutos then start pushing and kicking each other to be the first person in the bathroom.Sasuke:How stupid then turns and walks away....kakashi-sensi(jounin teacher)and hokage vists Narutos house and sees an EXPIRED MILK CONTAINER................................

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Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura. Written by Evil Muffin
You forgot the famous Sasuke and Naruto kiss!!! How could you!!!

And yes, Naruto needs Pepto Bismal very badly in this episode. XD

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Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura. Written by Kakashi
This episode starts off with the recently graduated students going to their first day of class as Genin. There's lots of humor, of course, but this is just a short summary, so I'm only hitting the main points of the episode. Sakura is introduced; we first see her on her way to the academy. She runs into her rival Ino and they try to beat each other to class to be the one to sit next to class heart throb Sasuke. The girls all seem to be after Sasuke, but he doesn't really care. He's the top student in the class and is very serious. Naruto has a huge crush on Sakura, and so he hates Sasuke and tends to antagonize him a lot. Anyhow, Iruka informs the class that they will be devided into three man teams under the direction of a senior ninja. Naruto's team, which is supervised by jounin Hatake Kakashi, consists of, you guessed it: Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Some more hijinks follow, instigated by Naruto, but if you want to see them, and you should; they're hillarious, you'll have to watch the show or read the manga.

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