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Episode 31 - Super Eyebrow Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 31 - Super Eyebrow Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!!. Written by Garaa
Sakura is looking after Naruto and Sasuke after their fight with Orochimaru but is finding it hard keeping awake from the strain she is under. Mean while Neji's team splits up to gather food and water. The sound ninjas have taken position in the tree tops by where Sakura is taking care of Naruto and Sasuke and are planning an attack to try and eliminate Sasuke while they have the chance. They attempt to blow Sakura and co. up with an explotion tag attached squirrel but she scares it away before it gets close enough. The sound ninjas wonders if she could have seen the tag but figures she couldn't have and there was another reason behind her scaring it off. Meanwhile while training catching leaves to win Sakura's heart, Lee sees the squirrel about to explode and saves it in the nick of time but making him suspicious of whats going on around him. At the time Neji has stumbled apon Ino's team who though hidding have obviously been spotted by Neji. He tells them to come out though not revealing he knows their exact location. Ino and crew jump out with plan 2 after plan 1 (hidding as quickly as possible) fialed. They suck up realy badly and Ino trys to suduce him but he just says;"Oh its you three." followed shortly by "Begone" so the three run off. Mean while Sakura is growing ever sleepier and the sound ninjas reveal themselves to her seeing she is weak and her team mates helpless. She gets ready to defend herself and questions them about the mark on Sasuke's neck and Orochimaru. This puzzles the sound ninjas but now knowing this they declares that they will kill all three. They also reveal that the knife she trew earlier was not because she had seen the explosion tag but was so the squirrel would not set off the trap she had layed. The three jump into the air towards her but she cuts the cord of another trap and a log swings from the ceiling to hit them. Unfortunatly one of the sound ninjas destroys it by placing his hand on it and forming a seal which causes it to shatter away. But as they are hurteling towards her in jumps Lee with a "Konoha Whirlwind" sending the three hurteling to the ground. Lee repeats the fact that he would protect Sakura with his life and then stands ready to protect her. Now one of the sound ninjas who has bandages rapped round his head covering all but one eye leaps forwards revealing a metal gauntlet with holes on his right arm as he charges for Lee but before he can reach Sakura makes him jump to the air with a knife and then Lee pulls a tree root from the ground up right in the sound ninja's path forcing him back as Lee says,"Your attack has some sort of trick to it, right?" showing his reasoning to want to keep him back. Now all but Lee from Neji's team have returned to their meating point so the other two head off looking for him. There is a breif flash back showing Lee's learning of the Lotus and also Ino's team has caught site of the battle going on. Lee losens the bandages from his arms ready to use the lotus on the sound ninjas. THe same sound ninja as before charges but Lee moves to quicklty and with a chick to the ninja's chest from beneath the ninja is hurteling upwards with Lee not far behind. Lee's bandages rap round the ninja and Lee puts his arms round him to and begins their decent to the ground with the secondary lotus as he starts rotating the two of them. As this is going on though one of the other sound ninjas begins to form seals and punches his fists into the ground sending 2 mole hile like paths under the ground heading to where the secondary lotus is about to hit the ground. This creates a spongy patch of ground which cussions the blow of the secondary lotus saving the first sound ninja who now has the advantage as Lee is slightly worn out allready from the amount of energy needed to use the move. The sound ninja reveals his gauntlet again and charges at Lee once more swipping for him but just missing. Strangly although he missed Lee begins to fel woozy and dizzy his vision blurring. With this he falls to his knees weakened as the Sound ninjas now have a hugh uper hand....

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