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Episode 33 - The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Cho Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 33 - The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Cho. Written by Mariah Le
In this episode Sasuke has a dream how he wasn't strong enough to protect his clan. Then we come back to Sakura, Ino and her teammates who are protecting Sakura. Choji saw that the sound ninja are too strong and he to run away. Zaku said better a live sheep than a dead lion right FATSO!! Choji told him to say it again and Zaku said again and then Choji got all mad and say Who are you calling fat! The all of a sudden Sasuke woke up with the curse marks on him. He ask Sakura "Sakura who did this to you?" She ask him what's happening he said he's fine and said again Which of these people did this to you. Zaku said it was him and Sasuke turn to Zaku. The marks on him has covered his whole face. Zaku started to use his technique and so did Sasuke. When Sasuke was done with Zaku he went to Dosu. But Sakura ran up and hug him. Sasuke saw that Sakura had tears in her eyes so the curse disappeared. As the episode end Shikamaru and Choji went up to Narutoand saw him saying he will protect Sakura.

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Episode Summary for Episode 33 - The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Cho. Written by Jade
Why couldnt Sasuke protect his clan? In a terrible dream , Sasuke remembers wot happened to his clan.He hears a voice telling him he was so weak and it turned out it was Oricimaru talking .As soon as Sasuke c's him he wakes up.

But wots dat all over his body? He asks Sakura: " Sakura.....Who did dat 2 u??". Sakura c'ing da cusred seal on Sasuke's body ,did'nt answer, insted questions Sasuke himself.

After a short talk of Sasuke tellin Sakura about bein an avenger and must find power no matter wot.He asks Sakura agen :" Sakura,say it! Who the hell hurt you??" Immediatly Zaku admitted he did ,not knowin of Sasuke's power .Team 10 run over 2 some bushes, just in case.Now the super weird seal on sasuke covers his entire body , makin him look like a tatooed freak.Zaku just smirked and hit them with one of his special moves (maximum air cutter).But Sasuke was quick enough 2 move away AND bring Naruto and Sakura with him.He then uses Katon Housenka fire balls that turn into shurikens.Zaku used the air from his hands 2 stop'em but the shuriken hit him.Sasuke ,as quick as lightnin gets close up 2 Zaku and dislocates both shoulders.He den grins at Dosu n walks up 2 him, takin his time.

Sakura watched Sasuke's actions in horror.It looked like he was having fun.She rushes up 2 Sasuke, holdin him tightly askin agen n agen 2 stop.Sasuke, c'ing the tears of Sakura ,returns 2 normal.The sound team quickly fled leavin their scroll bhind.

Every1 was surprised at Sasuke's power ,and soon were back in their teams, Sasuke most surprised , sat speechless on the floor.Would the cursed seal activate agen..........?

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Episode Summary for Episode 33 - The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Cho. Written by ~Sakurah~
well.. this episode starts off with Sasuke's dream.. he sees his younger-self.. standing beside his parents' dead bodies.. then Sasuke just stares with horror..

bak to the battlefield..~ Yamanaka, Shikamaru and Choji r battling Zaku and Dosu... Yamanaka uses this technique [4got wut it was called] but itz sorta like taking over sum1 elses body.. and she took 1 of Zaku's teammate's body and said dat if they do w/e, this girl's life will be no more..

then, Zaku attacks his female teammate.. then Yamanaka thinks wut kinda ppl they tink they r.. Shikamaru uses his Shadow thing.. and holds Dosu in place for 5 minutes..

Meanwhile.. Choji turns into a giant ball becuz Zaku called him a 'fatty' and attacks Zaku.. Zaku tries to stop him by using his Air Cutters.. but doesnt do anything but make Choji fly up in the air and Choji comes crashing down towards them..

and Neji and Ten-Ten is behind bushes, watching.. during this.. Sasuke was still in his dreamworld and sum1 in his dream was talking to Sasuke.. that he let them kill his parents, dat he just stood there as they were killed..

and then, Sasuke's younger-self peeled off his face, and saw Orchimaru instead.. then Sasuke awoke, with these purple things dat looked like purple fire.. around Sasuke..

the curse seal thing dat Orchimaru gave him [on his neck] was realeased and the seal things were forming all over Sasuke's body.. and he asked Sakura who did this to her.. then, Zaku said that he was responsible, with pleasure..

Zaku and Sasuke fought, and Sasuke got a hold of Zaku's arms, and almost disconnected them, both.. as Yamanaka, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji and his evey1 else stared with horror, Sakura was the 1, who was thinking of wut might have happened to Sasuke, ran for Sasuke as he was about to go after Dosu..

Sakura held Sasuke, and asked him, repeatingly, to not fight anymore, and when Sasuke saw the tears in Sakura's eyes, Sasuke came bak to normal.. Sasuke fell to the ground.. and Sakura asked wut happened to Sasuke..

they said dat they arent sure, but dat they were to kill Sasuke becuz of his mark from Orchimaru.. Zaku and teammates gave away the only scroll they had.. then fled..

Yamanaka helped Rock up.. and then Ten-Ten said dat she'll take it from here.. as Yamanaka handed Rock over to her.. she was shaking Rock rapidly to wake him up [it was funi] and then Ten-TEn, Rock and Neji had a little talk about Rock, might have getting killed..

then every1 ended up looking at Sasuke's trembling hand....

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Episode Summary for Episode 33 - The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Cho. Written by ??????
Sasuke awakens in a dream world and wonders where he is. He sees a figure though the trees. His younger self confronts him - mom and dad didnít have to die. The clan was wiped out because he didnít have enough power.

Back at the fight, Ino, Shikamaru and Choji step in to protect Sakura. Choji is not quite sold on entering this battle, but quickly changes his mind when Zaku tells him to run, fatty. Shikamaru explains that calling Chouji fat is taboo, and we soon see why. With Formation Ino ready to go, the three blend their techniques. Choji does Baika no Jutsu (Double Weight Technique) to turn himself into Meat Tank, a fairly entertaining and extremely large rolling ball. Zaku does Air Cutter to stop the rolling boulder, but when the force of the air hits the rotating ball, it flies up into the air. Dosu tries to protect his teammate, but Shiki performs Ninpou, Kage Mane no Jutsu (Shadow Copy Skill) to hold Dosu in place. Zaku just barely jumps out of the way of Choji as the large ball comes crashing down. Ino then performs Nintou, Shintenshin no Jutsu! (Mind transfer technique) on. She immediately takes a kunai to her throat and threatens Kinís life. The sound nins donít bite and Zaku and Dosu explain their purpose isnít the scroll or the exam, itís to kill Sasuke. Soon, InoShikaChou tires, with Shikamaruís Shadow Copy only holding Dosu for about 5 minutes and the sound nins realizing that if they kill Kin, Ino will also die. Neji and Ten Ten then show up to witness the showdown. Nejiís eyes vein up and he threatens the sound nins. Dosu taunts him, but meanwhile, Neji senses Sasukeís growing chakra level.

Inside Sasukeís head, he remembers his parentís deathÖ everyone was killed. You let them die. You just watched them dieÖ if he only had power. With that, he awakens as purple demon chakra pulsates though his body. The sound nins are amazed he survived the seal, as the seal is now covering his entire body. Sasuke then looks over at Sakura and asks who did that to her. He tells her not to worry. Orochimaru gave him power and he now understands that heís an avenger. He must obtain power regardless of the source. Again he demands that Sakura tell him who did this to her. Zaku pipes up that he did.

Sensing something is going on, Team 10 makes way for the bushes nearby, as Sasuke basically goes Super Saiyan with his newly acquired power. As Zaku attempts to stop Sasuke with Maximum Air Cutter, Sasuke effortlessly picks up Naruto and Sakura and moves them out of harmís way. He then performs Katon, Housenka (Phoenix Fire), fire balls that turn into shuriken, and attacks Zaku. Once he gets close enough to Zaku, he holds him by the arms, dislocating both shoulders. He then turns his attention to Dosu.

Sakura watches Sasukeís actions with horror. Before he gets to Dosu, she runs up behind Sasuke crying and holds him back. She repeatedly asks him to stop. When Sasuke sees her tears, the cursed seal disappears from his body and he returns to normal. Dosu then offers him their scroll and offers them a deal. They must leave this battle in order to confirm something, but if they are ever to fight again, they will not run or hide. Before he leaves, Sakura demands to know what Orochimaru did to Sasuke, but he doesnít respond. He canít understand why Orochimaru would have told them to kill Sasuke after he gave him the cursed seal.

When the sound nins finally leave, InoShikaChou runs to the fallenís aid as Sasuke sits, staring at his shaking hand.

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