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Episode 34 - Akamaru Surprised! Gaara's Exceptional Ability Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 34 - Akamaru Surprised! Gaara's Exceptional Ability. Written by clover
Naruto awakens with a hit on the head by Choji. He immediately tells everyone to drop as Orochimaru must be in the air. Naruto immediately notices Sakura cut her hair and asks what happened. She says it’s a new image. Then Naruto asks why ShikaInoChoji is there. Sakura then replies that they helped them out. Tenten arrives and awakens Lee. She explains that Sasuke drove the Sound nin away then lectures him on stepping in by himself. Tenten is certain that if he didn’t act alone, he wouldn’t have lost. Still groggy and unaware of what just happened, Naruto makes fun of Lee. Sakura flips out. She then thanks Lee for helping. Lee vows to become stronger and that when they next meet, he will be stronger. Meanwhile, Sasuke can’t believe Lee lost to the Sound nin he just beat. As the commotion dies down, Ino offers to fix Sakura’s hair, while Neji looks down at Sasuke from the trees, certain that he is a powerful rival.

Kiba watches over Akamaru who has been shaking and crying for the last 12 hours… ever since that incident. Kiba and team were happily making their way to the tower after getting their final scroll. They stopped and Hinata used a Byokugan to spot Gaara about 1 km away. Kiba was a bit too sure of himself and decides to go after the other team. He tells his teammates that he only wants to observe. If the other team is too tough, they’ll just leave quietly. However, even before they arrive, Akamaru senses Gaara’s chakra and becomes extremely frightened. Meanwhile, 3 Hidden Valley of Rain nins challenge Gaara. The main Rain nin does Ninpou Jouro senbon! (Sprinkling Needles) to send hidden needles at Gaara. Gaara emerges from the attack unscathed, his sand acting as a shield. The Rain nin tries again, but again, the sand catches the needles. Gaara vows to make it rain blood. Kankuro explains that Gaara controls the sand inside the gourd. He hardens it with an enormous amount of Chakra. Only Gaara can use it, and he uses it to protect his body. Regardless of Gaara’s will, the sand shields him, so all attacks are nullified.

The Rain nin is now pissed and charges. Gaara does Desert Coffin , and the sand engulfs the Rain nin so he can’t move. Gaara slowly walks towards him with one of the Rain nin’s umbrellas and shields himself as he lifts the sand cocoon up and does Desert Funeral. The cocoon explodes, killing the sound nin. He assures the remaining Rain nins that their teammate felt no pain. The blood and tears then mix with his sand to further fuel the war. The remaining Rain nins then give him their Scroll of Heaven and plead for their lives, but Gaara repeats Desert Funeral, killing them. Kiba’s team flees from their hiding place.

Meanwhile, Gaara spots Kiba’s team and tells his teammates he hasn’t had enough. Kankura tries to talk sense into him. They only need one set of scrolls. He demands Gaara listen to his older brother once in a while. Gaara tells the two that he’s never thought of them as siblings. And if they get in his way, he’ll kill them. His big sister then attempts to calm him down. Gaara powers up, ready to use a sand attack on Kiba’s team, but another plea from his sister calms him. Gaara then walks away, as Kiba’s team narrowly escapes.

At the tower, Kiba’s team waits. Kiba admits that Akamaru said that the big guy is going to get killed by the kid from the Sand. The puppy is still shaking. The team hears voices and they see Gaara’s team waiting at the tower. They’ve already been waiting for 12 hours.

Meanwhile, Anko tries to explain that they can’t cancel the Chuunin exam. Another instructor comes in with a video tape of Gaara’s fight. He explains that 1 hour and 37 minutes after the exam started, Gaara’s team had finished. They finished in 97 min, breaking the old record by 4 hours. Anko is especially impressed that not only did they make it in that short of a timeframe, but Gaara is unharmed, a feat impossible for most Chuunins

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