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Episode 35 - Absolutely No Peaking! The Secret of the Scroll Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 35 - Absolutely No Peaking! The Secret of the Scroll. Written by Darkstone
It all started on the fourth day of the exam, Naruto and company hunt for food, they even used their skill to catch some fish. While they're waiting for the fish to be cooked, Sasuke talked to Sakura that they must have the white scroll as soon as possible since it was burned by Orochimaru on the previous days. Sasuke asked for an excuse to fetch some water. As he left, Naruto is looking on their black scroll since he was worried about on how to get the other scroll, he planned to cheat, like making another look-alike scroll. But Sakura stopped him. She explained the seal says it all. Then next thing that comes to Naruto's mind was to open the black scroll which is strictly prohibited. Meanwhile on the other side of the field, 3 examinees took a rest and their leader tried to look some food to each since all of them are tired and hungry. One of them tried to open the scroll same thing as Naruto is doing. When they tried to open it, all of a sudden, they shouted. Their leader suddenly became worried so he went back to check them. But its too late, his two teammates are left unconscious. Going back to Naruto's place, he was about to open it. Suddenly out of nowhere came Kabuto. He stopped them. He explained how dangerous it is to open. There's a hypnotizing script inside the scroll that will make them unconscious and as they woke up, they'll forbidden to take ninja exam for life. When Sasuke came, he saw Kabuto he thought his teammates were in danger. Kabuto explained that they should aware of their surrounding, there might be someone spying them. The spy realized that he have been noticed watching and he suddenly rushed away. Sasuke tried to ask for a fight since Kabuto showed the two scrolls but he just said, ninjas dont even ask for a fight just to get something. They'll suddenly attack their opponent.

Kabuto guided them on their way. Since he's a veteran, he told them that the more you get closer to the tower, the dangerous it is. There's no problem in looking for opponents as you go closer to the tower for sure they are just around waiting for them. Sasuke just realized why Kabuto was helping them. Kabuto needs companion since he cant make it alone on the tower.

They are near to the tower, Kabuto told them to be careful. He knows that many opponents are just watching them. He explained that there also the enemies aside from those examinees, there are some called the collectors. Collectors kill those examinees and get the scroll. They used the scroll for their need. Sometimes they can sell it to others.

Naruto got almost killed when he stepped on the string when suddenly lot of daggers appeared going to strike Naruto, Kabuto covered Naruto and the daggers striked Kabuto's back. Using his technique same with Orochimaru, they tought Kabuto was dead suddenly the dead body turned into a log and noticing Kabuto was just on the other side. Later on, Sakura got exhausted and she feels like they're just walking around on the same place. She thought they're near to the tower but howcome they keep on walking like for almost long way. They just noticed that they fall under the trap of Genjutsu (illusion technique). It was Kori Shinchuu no jutsu. A technique that causes enemy to travel around in circles wherein if they were unable to detect the illusion, they might end up being exhausted since they are walking the same path over and over. Then the enemy casted another Genjutsu technique which Kasumi Juusha no jutsu. It creates false ninjas that can attack Naruto anytime. They ended up being surrounded by those false ninjas.. What will happen next?

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