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Episode 42 - The Best Battle is All Right, Damn it!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Best Battle is All Right, Damn it!!. Written by Samantha
At the beginning of the episode Sakura and Ino are in the middle of their battle. Ino cuts off her hair and Sakura says that won't help as her hair floats in between them. Ino gets furious and they start yelling at each other.She was so furious that she was going to do her mind transfer jutsu. From the background Shikomaru says,"What is she doing. She's only supposed to do that after I do my jutsu." Sakura starts running and then stops. Ino falls on her hands and knees. Suddedly, Sakura is captured by Ino's hair which was held by her chakra. That's why Ino fell. To hold the hair with her chakra. Ino said,"You fell right into my trap. There' no way I can miss." She aims and does it. They stand still for a moment. Nobody knows if it worked. It did. Everyone thinks Sakura's chances of winning are gone. Ino (now inside of Sakura's body) withdraws. Naruto stops her. His voice wakes up Sakura. She puts a enormously painful sound in Ino's head. She gets Ino out of her body. They are both furious and run towards each other. They try to punch each other but accidentally hit each other in the face. They fly to opposite ends of the room. They try to get up but fall. The announcer ninja ends the battle. Kakashi come's and picks up Sakura, and Ino's sensai come's and picks her up. Once they are up on the top floor they set the girls down against the wall. Naruto tries to say something but Kakashi stops him and says they will wake up soon. The next battle starts which is Ten-Ten vs. Temari. At the biginning of the next battle Sakura and Ino wake up. They get into a big agruement and face the opposite ways of each other.


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Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Best Battle is All Right, Damn it!!. Written by anime freak
this episode starts off with ino and sakura both saying "let us have a fair fight" sakura starts off with a replication jutsu. Sakura starts to accumulate her chakra and stomps the ground,then she punches ino and yells"if you're going to take me as the little crybaby sakura you're going to get hurt.Fight me seriously ino". Then Ino says i'll give 100% like you requested. Then naruto says "she's good, really good." Kakashi sensie replies" yes sakura is quite complete the ability to accumulate chakra and use it at the right time she could even beat sasuke,but in sakura's case she was really good at chakra control to begin with".The examiner says that this is a long fight they've been at it for ten minutes already. Then ino says there is no way she is my equal. sakura replies there is no way a slovenly person like you is my equal. Ino decides to cut her hair to prove that she is not a slovenly person. ino says,"ill win this battle by making you say I give up then she uses mind transfer jutsu but it was actually just a trick by running chakra through her hair she made sakura stop moving so she could actually use the mind transfer jutsu. It finally works and ino almost wins but when sakura heard naruto say,"Sakura you'll be a disgrace if u lose to that sasuke obsessed freak." sakura's other mind kicks ino out. Finally they both say this is the last attack and when they are both about to punch each other they have a flashback about when they were little kids and then when the both became genins(lower class ninga)and sakura gave ino back the ribbon. They both get a direct attack but unfourtonatley they both lost. kakashi and aburami pick up the girls then sakura and ino start talking about what they said when they were young. Then the next match Tenten vs Temari.

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Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Best Battle is All Right, Damn it!!. Written by Feran
Sakura comments that this is no longer a battle over Sasuke. Enraged, Ino begins yelling at Sakura as an inferior. This of course, is what Sakura intended, considering she wanted Ino to become angry at her enough such that they would both fight all out, without holding back since they were once close friends.

Sakura starts off the match with Bunshin No Jutsu, the replication technique, and transfers chakra to her feet to create a stomping sound, throwing Ino off so she wouldn't know which replication was real, and then delivering a solid punch to her chest, sending her flying back.

Ino agrees to fight at 100%, and an equally matched fist fight ensues for an extended period of time. After an intense outing, Sakura teases Ino as someone who spends too much time trying to look beautiful. Consequently, Ino attempts to prove herself by cutting off her hair. Next, Ino fakes her Mind Transfer technique to throw Sakura off-guard as she realizes that Ino's cutting off her hair actually was a trick, her hair controlled by Ino's chakra to freeze her in place. With Sakura unable to move, Ino is able to successfully perform Mind Transfer Technique with the intent of controlling Sakura and making her forfeit the match verbally.

Ino is on the verge of succeeding, but Naruto screams at Sakura not to give up, awakening Sakura's inner spirit which forces Ino out of her mind, allowing the match to continue in its fist-fight intensity. It culminates in a final blow that causes a double knockout, both fighters unconscious on the floor, thus having them both lose.

The Next Match: Tenten vs. Temari

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