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Episode 44 - Akamaru Joins the Fight!! Which One Will Be the Underdog? Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Akamaru Joins the Fight!! Which One Will Be the Underdog?. Written by Feran

The match begins with Kiba and Naruto taunting each other, each arrogant and overconfident. Naruto mocks Akamaru, Kiba's puppy, saying it's an interference and a handicap, asking the judge if it's alright. The judge nods, saying bugs and animals are treated as weapons. Kiba's jounin is overconfident, all of the spectators believing Naruto to still be the weak, inferior fighter and dropout he once was.

Kiba has a flashback of mocking Naruto and having the whole class laugh at him for not being able to perform Henge, the transformation technique. Naruto is still confident, claiming Kiba cannot defeat him, and the match begins.

Kiba claims he can finish the match in one blow, using Gijyuu Ninpou Shikyaku no Jutsu (Beast Mimicry Ninja Technique, Four Legs). His body exudes an aura of blue chakra as he becomes more beastlike, his nails growing sharper and his taijutsu skill increasing along with strength and speed, as Kiba elbows Naruto in the chest, the young ninja being knocked back and forced to lie for several seconds on the ground, inable to move. Everyone sees the match as over, and Sakura flashbacks into several scenes of Naruto's fighting for his dream.

Naruto is able to move still, and stands up, ready to continue the match, taunting Kiba into using his dog, Akamaru. Kiba uses a smoke bomb to cloud Naruto's vision as he and Akamaru repeatedly attack him, Naruto inable to sense the attacks. When the smoke clears, Naruto is seen lying on the floor, and Akamaru rushes to Kiba.. and bites him. Naruto had used Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) to transform himself into Akamaru. The real Akamaru was with the Kage Bunshin (Shadow Replicate) that Naruto had left that was lying down amidst the clearing of the smoke cloud.

Kiba claims he will get serious now, feeding food pills to both Akamaru and himself, the power of the food pills, which are a special medicine that allow a soldier to fight three days and three nights straight; it is high in protein and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and also has substances that act as both a stimulus and a tranquilizer. This causes both Akamaru's and Kiba's chakra to double, Akamaru turning red and his fangs growing longer. Kiba repeats his initial technique, Gijyuu Ninpou, this time adding Jyuujin Bunshin (Half-beast clone), Akamaru transforming into a clone of Kiba. They next together perform Four Legged Technique, Naruto bouncing back to avoid the attack as they crash into the ground. Naruto spends his time dodging, but without the boost of such items as a food pill, is inable to hold up such dodging for very long. He leaves an opening, being left vulnerable to Gatsuuga (Double Fang Destroyer). Naruto lands on his head, on the concrete floor, yet refuses to give up, blood dripping from his head and mouth, a pool of blood dripping onto the ground beneath his body. Kiba begins laughing, taunting and testing Naruto's will to fight.

Hinata flashbacks to her witnessing of Naruto working extremely hard to achieve his goals, his constant practicing, and suffering through social ostracization due to his possession of the nine tails fox's chakra and seed.

Naruto gets up yet again, ready to fight, stating, "If you're going to compete with me over the title of Hokage, you're going to be the Underdog."

The fight will continue in the next episode.

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Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Akamaru Joins the Fight!! Which One Will Be the Underdog?. Written by DarkPrince
this is where naruto gets to fight but i wont tell you who and i'll tell you it's such a teasing episode you'll see wat i mean

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