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Episode 46 - Byakugan Unleashed! The Shy Hinata's Daring Determination! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 46 - Byakugan Unleashed! The Shy Hinata's Daring Determination!. Written by lady_poizon
Naruto is healing his wounds from the previous battle with Kiba and his puppy Akumaru. Naruto believes the medicinal ointment he is using to heal his wound is very good because his wounds heal as soon as it is applied. He offers it to Sakura but she only stares at it. Kakashi stands by and watches Naruto. He knows that it is not the ointment. It is the power of the Nine-Tails in Naruto that is healing him so quickly.

Then it goes to Kiba and Akumaru who are being taken away by the medics. Hinata approaches them and asks the medics to use her ointment on them. Kiba does a strange amused chuckle and tells her she shuld worry about herself. He then warns her to give up if she should ever be matched up
against Gaara or Neji. The will beat her badly.

The next two fighters are being announced. It is Hyuuga Hinata and Hyuuga Neji. Hinata is shocked.

The two approach each other. Neji didn't think he would have to fight her. Then Hinata calls him her brother. Hinata and Neji are related! however, they are not siblings. They both come from Konoha's Oldest Noble Family, the Hyuuga Clan. They are related because they both come from Hyuuga's head family and branch family. Hinata is from the head family who are the founders while Neji is from the branch family who carry the same bloodline. They two will not feel that bad about fighting each other because the head and branch family have been on bad terms. It has to do with the special abilities of the clans. The Hyuuga Clan has special rules when it comes to passing on the ability. Those rules are favorable to the head family. And that is the reason for their dislike of each other.

They are asked to start the match. Neji warns Hinata that she should give up because she is not suited to become a ninja. He says that she is too kind, seeks harmony, and avoids trouble. She just goes along and follows other people's ideas. She has no self confidence and always feels inferior. He explains that this is why she thought it would be fine to remain a genin. He says she didn't want to but had to in order for her team mates to participate. Their needed to be three in order to join. He then asks if what he says is wrong. Hinata denies it and replies that she wanted to change herself.

Hinata's leader, Kurenai watches. She then has a flashback of Hinata. Her younger sister, Hinabi, is on her hands and knees on the floor breathing hard and holding a kunai (throwing knives). Her father tells her to stand up. Kurenai is there. She tells Hinata's father that Hinata will now be under her command. Then she asks if it is ok with him because she is the Hyuuga family's successor and will possibly face death in Genin missions. He replies that she can do whatever she wants with Hinata. He considers her a defect because she is weaker than her sister, Hinabi, who is five years younger. She in not needed in Hyuuga. He then tells Kurenai to leave. As she is leaving she notices Hinata outside the door. She has heard everything. *back to the present* Kurenai knows Hinata is trying hard to change herself.

Back at the fight. Neji calls Hinata a spoiled child because people cannot change. A failure is a failure. Their personality and power will not change.

Saying this pisses off Naruto.

He continues to explain that people cannot change. That is the reason terms like "elite" and "failures" exist. Everyone judges you by how good your face, head, abilities, body shape, and personality are. There are things that cannot be changed. People suffer from their limits and live. Just like the fact the he is from the branch family while she is from the head family. They cannot change that.

Naruto is starting to shake with fury.

Neji continues and says his Byakugan has seen many things. And this is why he knows. She is just trying to be tough. And what she is really thinking is how she want to leave the place right then. Hinata continues to deny it.

Sakura is curious and asks about Byakugan. Byakugan is a bloodline limit that the Hyuuga family possesses. It is similar to the Sharingan, but is stronger in regards to insight.

Neji reveals his Byakugan. His eyes have developed veins around his eyes and on his pupils. He then says that Hinata cannot fool his eyes. From what he onbserved of Hinata's reactions he says that she was recalling a harsh past event. She is imagining physical and mental pain. He says she is thinking about her old self and has predicted the outcome of this match from previous experiences. A prediction that she will lose. He says she now knows that she cannot change.

Naruto has now exceeded his limit of the amount of verbal abuse he can watch. He yells that she can change. He tells Neji not to label people. He goads Hinata to beat him up and speak up because it is making people angry. Hinata is oddly inspired and reveals her Byakugan. She won't run away anymore.

She gets into a fighting stance and tells Neji to fight her. They both use the same Hyuuga fighting style. Their hands are illumanted by a blue glow. They begin to strike at one another with amazing hand to hand combat skills. Hinata almost hits Neji, but he barely dodges.

Naruto and the rest of the gang wonder if the last one hit. They realise it didn't. Lee explains that even a nick will really hurt. This is why they are called Konoha's noble family. Hyuuga is a special hand to hand combat style passed from generation to generation. Lee's style aims to break bones and create external wounds, damage on the surface. It is called Gouken. Hinata and Neji style, Hyuuga, attempts to damage the Chakra circulatory system inside an enemy. It destroys internal organ and inflicts internal damage. This is known as Jyuuken. It's not flashy but it will hurt later on. There is no way to train your internal organs so if you get hit, no matter how strong you are, it will be fatal.

The fight continues. Naruto being the slower one finally asks what the chakra circulatory system is. It is like the blood circulatory system except with chakra. It's a path for Chakra. Those paths are closely intertwined with internal organs that mold Chakra. So a hit will hurt your internal organs as well. Outside and Inside damage. Sakura then hits Naruto for not asking her. Theit eyes which possess the ability of Byakugan enables them to see the chakra circulatory system.

The Hinata and Neji have finally hit each other. Who has won?

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Episode Summary for Episode 46 - Byakugan Unleashed! The Shy Hinata's Daring Determination!. Written by Spazzter
Hinata gives Naruto some ointment for his wounds after his fight with Kiba. Kakashi notices that Naruto's wounds once again heal instantly, due to power of the Nine-Tails Fox Demon within Naruto. Hinata approaches Kiba (and Akamaru) who is being lifted out in a stretcher for medical treatment. Kiba advises Hinata that should she match-up against Gaara of the Desert or Neji Hyuuga, she should give up right away, particularly with Neji, who Kiba says will be "strict" with Hinata. Hayate now announces the next match-up: Hinata Hyuuga vs. Neji Hyuuga! Hinata is frozen with shock and fear. Naruto and Sakura are surprised that both the fighters are Hyuugas. They assume that the two are relatives. Rock Lee then explains that the two are NOT relatives; however, they are related in that they both come from different "divisions" of the same clan, the Hyuugas. Hinata is from the "main" clan, while Neji is from the "branch" clan. There seemed to be a rift that occurred between the two "branches" of the clan a long time ago, causing them to become more estranged as time went by. Back in the ring, Neji "psyches out" Hinata by telling her that she didn't really want to participate in the Chuunin Exam, but she didn't want to let her teammates down either. Neji goes on to say that her "weakness" (shyness, lack of confidence/self-esteem) and "indecisiveness" is her destiny, as "failures" are always "failures" and people can never change. Neji even uses the Byakugan to confirm his statement that Hinata already knows what will be the outcome of this match even before it started, that Hinata will lose. Neji continues to "talk down" a terrified Hinata, telling her that she should end her suffering and give up right now. Naruto, hearing all those words, gets angry and shouts to Neji: "You're wrong! People CAN change!" Naruto then asks Hinata: Why is she letting Neji say all these things to her? She should say something back or beat him up, since all that BS is making the people watching angry. That "pep talk" by Naruto suddenly gives Hinata a renewed courage. Her eyes change from fear to stark determination, and Neji notices this. Hinata remembers Naruto's words during their Ninja Academy training and in the 1st part of the Chuunin Exam: "I'm not going to run away anymore..."and "I will not take back my words". She decides that she will follow those same words Naruto spoke and she will change herself and not look back. This would be her "way of the ninja"! "Neji-san, let us fight!" Hinata tells Neji. Hinata and Neji fight, both using the Byakugan and the Hyuuga style of taijutsu, the "Gentle Fist" technique. Rock Lee and Kakashi explain that the Byakugan enables Hyuuga clan members to "see" the "inner coils" or the "chakra pathways" of an opponent. Since these "chakra pathways" are intertwined with the body's internal organs, an attack that damages these pathways will also damage the internal organs. Hyuuga taijutsu allows the user to force chakra out of their hands/palms and attack an opponent's "inner coils". Thus, direct physical contact is not required to deliver a critical blow! Rock Lee compares the Hyuuga style with his taijutsu in that his taijutsu concentrates on external damage, i.e. breaking bones, etc. while the Hyuuga style concentrates on internal damage, which is more dangerous. Hinata and Neji continue to fight, chakra flying out of their hands while avoiding to be hit. It seems that Hinata has the initial advantage. Then, Hinata sees an opening and let's go with a direct attack to Neji's heart...

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