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Episode 47 - In front of the person I admire!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 47 - In front of the person I admire!!. Written by hydrofilikgal
eventually it is Neji who hits hinata. She lets out a cough of blood and tries to hit him again, but Neji blocks it and hits her "inner coils" keeping her from using her chakra. She is on the floor, but doesn't give up, she stands up remembering and repeating naruto's words "I will not take back my words; it is my way of the ninja" They continue fighting but Neji eventually hits her again and again. The nurses are called in to retrieve Hinata. Naruto goes down there cuz she coughed up a lot of blood, they cary her away. Scene shows Naruto kneeling by the puddle of blood and Neji in the background talking about how it was her fate..Naruto gets mad and touches Hinata's blood with his fingers then faces Neji with a fist(dripping with her blood) and warns Neji that he's going to beat him....and i think thats pretty much it.

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