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Episode 48 - Crash Gaara! It's Youth! It's Power! Explode! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 48 - Crash Gaara! It's Youth! It's Power! Explode!. Written by KRMarx
Gaara of the Sand vs. Lee of the Konoha Leaf. We've seen Gaara's Sand Control Protection and Desert Coffin Tech's, as well as learned that Lee cannot use any Ninjitsu or Genjutsu. This begins to make the fight difficult for Lee since he cannot pass Gaara's Sand Barrier.

Gai-sensei gives Lee the OK to remove his training weights and begin using his true Taijutsu abilities, which includes being able to move faster than the sand can keep up. Lee finally lands a solid hit, but it is uncovered that Gaara constantly has a layer of Sand Armor around him.

Lee invokes the Forbidden Lotus he used on the Sound-nin in the Second Exam, but the fight is not over...

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