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Episode 5 - Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion. Written by Sakura
In this episode we find Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura in the midst of Kakashi's survival training. At this point Naruto has been caught by Kakashi, lecturing him about his unnecessary movements. It is at this point that Sasuke, hiding in a nearby tree finds an opening and takes it, he launches a series of attacks and awaits the result.

Upon impact Kakashi goes flying and everybody thinks he was caught off guard, but it turns out he used the replacement jutsu and is safe from harm. Knowing he was tricked, Sasuke runs away, knowing he has been found out. Sakura follows suit and retreats wondering about sasuke's safety. She finds Kakashi in a small clearing and thinks that she is safe, but Kakashi is right behind her. She screams and the scene changes to Naruto trying to cut the rope he it tethered too, he succeeds only to fall onto another trap.

After a flurry of leaves, Sakura is seen with a blank look. When she comes too see looks around and hears Sasuke's voice. As she turns to see where Sasuke is, she looks horrified as Sasuke's body is bloody and impaled by kunai and shurikans. She screams, then faints. It was really a Genjitsu performed by Kakashi to make her think Sasuke was hurt. Having a short discussion and a stand off, Sasuke and Kakashi begin fighting and Sasuke succeeds in touching a bell but not in attaining one.

Sakura is bewildered upon waking, and Naruto is still stuck in the tree. Naruto sees the lunches that Kakashi has left and has an idea. Kakashi acknowledges the fact that Sasuke is different from the other two. Sasuke performs the Katon Goukakyuu, Kakashi, bewildered by the sudden attack, performs Doton Shinjuuzanshu and pulls Sasuke below ground and insults his skills. As Naruto prepares to eat the lunches, Kakashi shows up and scares Naruto, who clams it was all a joke, but Kakashi doesn't believe him. Sakura comes upon Sasuke's head and faints once again. Sasuke revives Sakura, then they converse and he tells her of his goals. Having waisted too much time, the alarm sounds and the test is over. The students gather only to have Kakashi tell them that they should quit being ninjas.

As Iruka and the Hokage continue their tea and chat. Iruka finds out that none of Kakashi's trainees have ever passed the test. Iruka, being upset by the hokage remarks of his confidence in kakashi's training, continues to complain. The three find out that the only reason they failed was there lack of team work. They learn that they will get one more chance to prove themselves after lunch, but they will have to let naruto starve as punishment for breaking the rules. In the next scene, the Hokage tells Iruka not to hate Kakashi no matter what the outcome is.

Sasuke and Sakura are eating their lunches and they both decide to give Naruto food so that the team can be strong for the next test. But just as Naruto starts eating, there is a huge explosion and Kakashi appears. He tells them that they broke the rule and to prepare for punishment. They argue with him and tell him that the three of them are one, hearing this he tells them that they have passed the test. When they ask why, he tells them these words, “Ninjas need to think beyond the normal, in the world of ninjas, those who break the rules are called scum, but those who don't take care of their friends are even worse scum." Having said those words, Kakashi tells them that starting tomorrow they will begin missions and that it is time to go home. As they walk off, Naruto is left tied to the tree yelling for help.

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion. Written by Evil_Pickle_Person
Naruto has fallen for the obvious bait Kakashi had left(a bell was lying on the floor). His legs were tied from a tree and Kakashi gives him a lecture, "If the bait is obvious, don't take it." Sasuke thought that Kakashi had droped his guard so he attacked with shuriken. Surprisinly he used a replacement no justu with a log of bamboo or some kind of wood. Sasuke runs through the forest trying to make sure Kakashi doesn't find out where he is.

Kakashi is hiding behind bushes, as Sakura runs too. She is hopeing that Kakashi didn't see Sasuke. As she ran she saw Kakashi sitting down and she slides back to hide behind some bushes.
"Sakura." Kakashi said, Sakura glanced over and saw Sasuke dying. Sakura fainted. Of course it was an act by Kakashi.

Sasuke steped up and told Kakashi that he's not like Naruto and Sakura, and then he tries to get a bell. It was a plan to get the bells and make a distraction by making a fight seen. Both Sasuke and Kakashi's hands were tied as Sasuke dileverd blows. Then with 1 free hand he touched a bell. Kakashi notices that and moves away quickly.

Suddenly Sasuke does a fireball jutsu, Kakashi is surprised because he doesn't have enough chakra. The fire takes out a lot of space and t seems Kakashi has dissapeared. Sasuke looks around, "Where'd he go?" he said. "Behind me, top of me?" Then he feels a tug from the ground, "I'm where you least expected!" Kakashi pulls Sasuke underground leaving only his head popped up.

Sakura wakes up and notices Sasuke's head. "SASUKE'S BEHEADED?!?" She yells then faints again.

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion. Written by Yoko Kurama
Kakashi has already caught naruto who fell for the same trap twice and now Sakura....He immediately uses a hallucination jutsu on her to make her believe that poor Sasuke is near death. She immediatle screams in horror. She then passes out and there is Kakashi commenting that she should have known it was a trick. While of course reading come come paradise.

Sasuke hears Sakura's scream, he turns to find Kakashi in front of him still reading and telling hi how he so easily defeated Sakura.

Sasuke: but....i'm different from them
Kakashi: Why don't you say that after you get a bell.

Kakashi walks towards him.....Stare down...Sasuke throws everything he has at him in his arsenal. It was a trap...a distraction....Sasuke shoots a shruiken at a rope that Kakashi has slide under to only release more weapons. Kakashi dodges them easily but is still suprised that he even tricked him. kakashi is not even on his feet yet when Sasuke appears behind him performing a mid air roundhouse kick. Kakashi grabs his left leg...Sasuke throws a right punch. Kakashi grabs that arm. Sasuke kicks with his right leg and Kakashi blocks it. Sasukes' head is now facing the ground ( apparently as planned) and he can now use his right hand to grab at the bells, before it's too late ( sasuke hand two fingers on the bell) he pushes Sasuke away from him.

Meanwhile Sakura awakens, still the young lady is a little embaressed that here legs were apart while she was knocked out( she has on shorts under her outfit)She remebers what she had seen before she fainted.Sakura: Sasuke!!! Don't Die and Leave me behind!!!!

Naruto.....still hanging from the tree by one leg. he lifts his head only to see the two lunches prepared for the people who pass the exam.

kakashi and Sasuke still facing each other in another stare down. Kakashi does admit that Sasuke is different from the other two.Sasuke is obviously tired of talking and prepares to do his blazing fireball technique. kakashi stunned( because usually Genin...beginers, can't do that jutsu due to the amount of chakra that is needed)Sasuke fires...but kakashi is nowhere to be seen. Kakashi: BENEATH YOU!!! kakashi grabs one of Sasukes' legs....and pulls him under ground only leaving his head above ground....this is called suicidal beheading.
kakashi: how is it? Can't move right?
It's obvious that Sasuke is just a little more than per-turbed.

Else where naruot is about to dig into the binto boxes when kakashi appears above him in disbelief and anger and is about to punish him while naruto tries to explain that is just a joke.

Sasuke is still trapped under ground when who should walk by...Sakura. Once again she screams and yells...now it's a severed head. by this time Sasuke has freed himself and is sitting over Sakura to make sure she is alright.She jumps straight up and begins to hug him since he is alright..Sasuke just keeps telling her not to get to close while she has her arms wrapped tightly around him and he is struggling to keep her at bay. Even going as far as to grab her by the head.
Sasuke rises and tells Sakura he is going back to try again for the bell. They talk for awhile and the timer rings....it's noon and none of them have a bell. They must go backs to the rock to meet with kakashi.

They get back to find Naruto now tied to a post with two binto boxes sitting in front of him...they sit on either side of them while kakashi comes and gives them the news.
Kakashi begins to tell them that none of them need to return to the acaemy...Sakura asks if it was okay since all she did was faint( inner Sakura...Love prevails over all, Damn IT!!!)Sakura is jumping with Joy...Naruto is squirming with joy, and Sasuke just grins. Kakashi: Yeah you three...should quit being ninjas. Silence and frowns come over them.

iruka and Hokage have finished there tea and Iruka is amazed that Kakashi has never passed a single student. He is worried about naruto as well as his team.Hokage does not even know if they should be ninjas.He does agree with the desicions Kakashi made in the past with his previous students.
Naruto is in a rage...as much as he can be still tied to a post. Sasuke charges at Kakashi after he tells them they have no reason and don't deserve to be ninjas....Of course we know that Sasuke wants to become a ninja for revenge for the death of his clan.
kakashi grabs Sasuke and sits on him pins him on the ground wiht one arm around his back and one foot on Sasuke's head. STUCK!!! Kakashi continues to make his point with Sasuke now as a prime example. Sakura goes on to threaten Kakashi if he hurts Sasuke. Kakshi is beyond being amused at theis point. He is very angry. he goes on to explain that the whole point of the exercise was ....TEAMWORK!!! Sakura being the brains of the group wonders why then were there only two bells....Kakashi tells her that someone would need to betrary there team or willing loose in order for two to pass.he then goes on to tell them that if they had even worked together two of them might have had a chance to pass but now none do. While telling them how important teamwork is he pulls out a weapon and places it on Sasuke's throat. he then tells Sakura to kill Naruto or Sasuke will die. It was just an example of what can happen if each person on a team goes for the goal alone. He then walks to a stone carved with numerous names on it....I want my name to be on that stone...yells naruto before Kakashi tells him that only heroes who died in battle along with some of his friends can be on this monument. The mood turns somber. he then walks away while telling thme that only those who want a second chance at the bells hould eat lunch and for everyone else to go home. He made a point to also tell them not to feed Naruto...because he tried to eat both lunches earlier. Mind you that kakashi had told them not to eat breakfast in the previous episode and Sakura did not eat dinner either because of her ....DIET!!! So all are famished by theis point.If anyone feeds Naruto they fail.Kakashi: My word is law, Got it?

Hokage is telling Iruka not to hold any grudges against Kakashi no matter what he decides.Iruka agrees.

Sasuke and Sakura are now eating...poor Naruto is claiming to be fine, but once they here is stomach growel and see the pitiful face...Sasuke raises his box to naruto....Sakura is furious, but he tells her that naruto will be useless unless he eats something. Sakura then offers her food as well. Naruto is moved by the offering especially coming from his crush Sakura and then tells her that he can't eat it....She yells at him why and she sees he is still tied to the post. Angry, disgusted, embarresed, and ready to go to war. Sakura tells Naruto that she will only do this once. Naruto smiling says he understands...Sasuke is telling them to hurry before he returns. Sakura gives him a nice big rice ball. Naruto contently eats it with a large smile on his face......!!!!!!!!A strong wind comes, the sky darkens......YOU THREE!!!! it's Kakashi he saw them.....He performs symbols with his hands and the ground shakes!!!!!! Any Last words!!!! naruto speaks up as well as Sasuke, Sakura: We three are one!!!Kakashi comes towards them and yells....YOU PASS!!!!!You threee are the first...you did what was best for them team rather than listen to me.Kakashi: In the world of ninjas those who break the rules are scum, those who don't help there friends are evemn worst scum. The seventh group will start missions tomorrow....Smiles, tears, and jumping for joy.......Wait isn't someone going to untie Naruto.......

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