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Episode 50 - Oh Rock Lee! This is the way a man lives!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 50 - Oh Rock Lee! This is the way a man lives!!. Written by Shelsey
Lee opens up the third gate, his face turning red and veins swelling up. Kakashi thinks that he will attack, but Gai corrects and says not yet. Lee opens up the 4th gate. He then attacks Gaara by kicking him into the air, and then starts kicking and hitting him in the air moving at amazing speed that he is barely visible. Gaara's sand sheild is starting to come apart and he is scared for he cant keep up with Lees's speed to defend. Lee opens the 5th gate and unleashes his HIDDEN LOTUS on Gaara. But Gaara uses his Gord (turns it into sand) to cushen himself when he impacts the floor. Lee hits the ground hard and rolls. He is very week, and Gaara is still concious and tries to use his sand coffin to kill Lee. The coffin jutsu catches Lees left arm and leg, breaking them. Lee falls unconcious, meanwhile Gai is watching from up top scrared that he will die. Gaara tries to consume Lee with his sand and finish the job, but Gai jumps in and fights off the sand (quite easily). Gaara is amazed and can't see why Lee is worth saving since he lost the match. Gai says that he is precious to him.
Gaara stands up and announces that he quits, but he still wins the match since Lee lost, due to guy jumping in. Just when the judgment is to be made, everyone looks down in amazement, Lee is standing up, in his fighting stance, the sounds of cracking bones as his broken leg moves back and forth can be heard. Kakashi comments that he shouldn't even be able to move, let alone stand up.
Gai runs to Lee and tells him that its done, but he notices something in Lees eyes. LEE IS UNCONCIOUS. His body is moving on its own, nothing but willpower at work.
Gai holds Lee in a gentle embrace and says that hes sorry and that he is a splended ninja, that hes already proven himself.
Gai lays him down and the medics take over. The lead medic asks to see Gai alone and says that he has many muscle tairs and bone fractures throughout his body, and due to the severity of his left arm and leg, HE WON'T FIGHT AGAIN, THAT HIS DAYS OF BEING A NINJA ARE OVER.
Naruto and the others can't beleive it, and Naruto starts screaming. Kakashi says thats enough and they all take a minute to absorb the moment. Lee is taken out of the ring and the next match begins to start.

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Episode Summary for Episode 50 - Oh Rock Lee! This is the way a man lives!!. Written by KRMarx
Lee continues to open Gates to increase the power of Primary Lotus. Fight on! Gaara's sand cannot keep up, and the Sand Armor is crushed! The attack fails! How is this so?! Gaara is still conscious, and Lee can no longer move. He succeeds on using the Desert Coffin on an arm and a leg of Lee, and would have done more if Gai-sensei had not stepped in. The fight is almost called in Gaara's favor, but Lee stands? How is THIS so? Lee is given some devastating information...

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