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Episode 52 - Ebisu Again! I won't let you do such perverted things! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 52 - Ebisu Again! I won't let you do such perverted things!. Written by KRMarx
Naruto refuses to take Ebisu, the closet pervert, the one he defeated with Harem no Jutsu, as his trainer. Ebisu claims that he was only taken by suprise, that he truly is powerful, and if Naruto can escape him in a game of tag, he will convince Kakashi to train Naruto. Of course, Naruto loses.
Ebisu takes Naruto to a nearby hotsprings to start his training. They begin with the next step in chakra training. If walking on trees was step one, then water walking is step two.
While Naruto is practicing, Ebisu discovers an open pervert and will not tolerate this act! The open pervert summons a frog to defeat Ebisu?! Who is this open perv??...?

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