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Episode 53 - Long Time! Pervert-Sennin Appears! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 53 - Long Time! Pervert-Sennin Appears!. Written by KRMarx
Naruto is PO'd that the Frog Hermit KO'd Ebisu and disturbed his training. He demands that the Pervert Hermit train him since he is reponsible.
Frog Hermit blames Ebisu for stopping his "data gathering" for his novels and claims he has nothing to do with stopping the training. He will not train Naruto. Of course this does not stop Naruto, and he eventually gets his way.
The water-walking continues with Naruto getting naked, and Frog Hermit sees the Nine-Tail's seal being disturbed by Orichimaru's seal. So he removes it. Wow... who IS the perverted hermit??...?

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