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Episode 58 - The Evil Hand Sneaks Near! The Targetted Hospital Room Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 58 - The Evil Hand Sneaks Near! The Targetted Hospital Room. Written by Kira-Kira
Evil Hand Sneaks Near! The Targeted Hospital Room!
The episode starts out with Baki knocking on Kankuro's and Tamari's door, to yell at them for not keeping an eye on Gaara. Then we see Shikamru playing a boardgame in Naruto's hospital room. Ino and Sakura are in the flower shop and Sakura gets another flower for Lee and Ino tells her Sasuke is still missing. Flashback to Lee doing push-ups. Gaara walks into the hospital. Naruto wakes up from his 3 day nap and finds out from Shikamaru that the Final Matches are tomorrow and starts to wig out. Shikamaru gets him calm and then hands him a fruit basket when he says he's hungry. We learn Chouji is sick, cuz he ate too much barbeque. Sakura leaves Lee's room and Gaara walks in. Gaara wraps Lee in his sand a prepares to do Desert Burial. Shikamaru shadow binds Gaara and Naruto punches him in the face. Ino walks in to Chouji's room with a fruit basket. Gaara says he wants to kill Lee, just so he can have him dead. Naruto calls him selfish. Shikamaru calls him egocintric. Gaara says how he has a monster inside of him. Sakura is shown walking into Naruto's empty room and sighes. Gaara tells what kinda link he has with his family, "They are just lumps of meant linked by hatred and muderous intent" Gaara tells about his childhood and growing up unloved and his father trying to kills him often. He says how he lives to kill other people, so he can prove he exists. Naruto thinks how similar they are. both have monsters inside then, and grew up alone, and didn't know his reason for existance and how he suffered too. But he had Iruka-sensei. Gaara had no one. Gaara sends his sand after Naruto, but Naruto is frozen in fear. Gai-sensei steps in just in time to get Gaara to stop. Gaara gets a flashback of his childhood and starts his nervous break-down. Slowly he leaves Lee's room, saying he will kill each and every one of them. Naruto stares at him in fear. Then the episode ends!

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Episode Summary for Episode 58 - The Evil Hand Sneaks Near! The Targetted Hospital Room. Written by chocosweete
Kankuro and Temari realize that Gaara has escaped from the room he was in. Everyone becomes worried about where he has gone. Next Shikamaru is playing shougi with himself ... I think. nothing important. Sakura is at Ino's flower shop again picking up some flowers. Ino teases her and asks if itís for Sasuke-kun, but Sakura says itís for Lee-san instead. They both look back and remember when he tried to do push ups while injured. Back at the hospital, Naruto wakes up; Shikamaru is up waiting for him. HAH! then Naruto goes into a racket and panics because the final chuunin exams are tomorrow. Shikamaru yells and says "CALM DOWN" then Naruto stops and says he's hungry. Luckily Shikamaru has fruits that he brought for Choiju, but since Chouji was sick, he gave some to Naruto instead. Gaara is at the hospital sneaking around and being stupid though, Lee is still resting and all of a sudden, Gaara comes in his room ... while Ino goes and picks on Chouji ... and Gaara is about to consume lee with his sand , then Shikamaru stops him with his shadow imitation. Gaara says that he was going to kill 'fuzzy brows' just because he wants him dead. blah blah ... a few threats here and there and Gaara is lecturing them. His mother life's was taken by him, and a monster named Shikaku was sealed inside him. He said his family was just lumps of meat linked by hatred and murderous intent. blah blah blah ... more stuff about his past ... then he says starting from when he was six, his father tried to assassinate him several times, cause he was a threat the village. the people were scared of him. Gaara became his father (Kazekage)'s trump card. So Gaara continues to question his existence, just like Naruto had. Then he says that he exists to kill everyone, and to fight only for himself and only love himself. Then Naruto compares himself to him. How they are alike in ways that they were alone, but different in the fact Naruto HAS friends, and Gaara does not ... never has. then, right when Gaara is about to kill Naruto and Shikamaru, GAI walks in a saves the day .. woopee! The episode ends, as Gaara promises that he will kill Shikamaru and Naruto someday.

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