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Episode 60 - Byakugun vs. Kage Bunshin! I'm Going to Win!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 60 - Byakugun vs. Kage Bunshin! I'm Going to Win!!. Written by anonymouse
in america this episode happens as so. naruto and neji enter the arena
and naruto uses shadow clone and neji activates beyakugan. neji looks and sees naruto distributed chakra evenly so even the beyakugan can't tell the diffrence. naruto then sends his clones to ballte and says don't underestimate me. neji easily defeats them. neji then tells naruto he can't be hokage. only those who are born with that fate become hokage. naruto says he's wrong and neji asks if anyone can become hokage if they try. and that only a select few are even considered for hokage. but they all share one fate. death. then naruto said so what, maybe i'm just a sore loser and then makes a bunch of clones and attacks neji said he is not an idiot and he seen this techneque before and that the real one hangs back fearing any strike on his tenketsu. then he presses two of naruto's tenketsu. then the shadow clones disapear. then naruto says and i told you not to underestimate me. then the naruto turned out to be fake. then naruto and one clone pop out of nowhere. then thinks they hit neji. but instead neji says eight tri-grams palm rotation. and naruto and his clone go flying. then ten-ten in her mind explains the rotation emits chakra from every tenketsu and neji spins like a top. hinatas father is impressed and asked himself where he learned that techneque.
then neji says it gets worse your in the zone of my eight tri grams.
then it shows the eight trigrams seal. the end

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Episode Summary for Episode 60 - Byakugun vs. Kage Bunshin! I'm Going to Win!!. Written by steve
The opening ceremony starts off with the introduction of all combatants and Naruto is late (big surprise). Naruto asks Shik where Sasuke is, and while he wonders where the sound nin he's supposed to fight has disappeared to. Up at the Hokage's seat, he receives the news that Sasuke isn't there yet. Then he and his bodyguard ponder whether Orochimaru has Sasuke. Suddenly the Kazekage (the country of Wind version of the Hokage) steps in and they both greet each other. Down in the ceremony Kankuro, Temari, and Gaara look up at their father (Gaara more glares at him like he wants to jump up and cut his head off). The Hokage then thanks everyone and bla bla bla, the main matches are about to begin! The dude with the big toothpick then explains how the matches will be held, and paired off. Again Shik wonders where the sound nin (Dosu) is. Gaara thinks back to when the sound nin attempted to kill Gaara in order to get a better chance at fighting Sasuke (Gaara kills him obviously). Back to Naruto, he asks the toothpick dude where Sasuke is. He replies by telling him that Sasuke will lose by default when his fight comes around. Gaara (who’s fixated on Sasuke now) thinks back to a shot of him spying on Sasuke and Kakashi training some kind of new move (of course you don't get to see it). First match, Hyuuga Neji vs. Naruto. Up in the audience, the examiners comment that Naruto doesn't have a chance against Neji. Kiba overhearing this thinks "don't underestimate him". Then Akumaru starts shaking and Kiba looks up to see an ANBU guy (who is actually Kabuto). Down in the fighting area, Naruto holds his hand up to Neji. Then a big whirlwind circulates around Naruto and Neji and the fight finally, actually, REALLY begins. Neji activates his Byakuugan and stares down Naruto. Cut to Hinata's father and sister who are watching Neji carefully. Her father then comments saying that no one in the Hyuuga family inherited the bloodline limit as much as Neji. Then a cut to Kiba (contradicting what he said earlier) saying that Naruto won’t be able to win this with a fart and that Neji has "IT" (wish I had IT). Naruto starts off with a few shirukens, all of which are easily blocked by Neji. Naruto then charges with an onslaught of punches and kicks, all of which are easily either dodged or blocked by Neji, who only punches Naruto once and then strikes his Tenketsu (special chakra point that circulates chakra around the body). After Naruto gets up, it turns out Neji actually missed. Naruto then remembers what the Hyuuga style of martial art can do to a person and states that that was just a test. Then he Kage Bunshins four clones. All five of them then pull out shirukens while people in the audience comment on Naruto's smart move. Neji becomes a little worried now that even his eyes can’t tell the fake ones from the real Naruto. All five then charge Neji and Naruto manages to land a big kick. Neji just back flips and lands like nothing happened. Hinata in the audience looks really worried for Naruto, who just says he'll get Neji the next time around. Each of the clones go after Neji, but he beats them all pretty easily. Only one Naruto left now! Neji then just says after sticking his finger in the last clone, "Hokage, huh?" and tells Naruto that he can see many things with his eyes. In short, everything is predetermined from birth. Naruto yells at him, telling him not to label people. Neji says it's ridiculous to think that he can become Hokage with hard work. If that was true, than anyone could do it. He then tells Naruto to wake up, and that those who were (or are Hokage) were born to do so and one cannot become Hokage just because they want to. There is only one fate that everyone has...and that is death (wow Neji is so deep). Hinata again looks worried and her father thinks, "He still curses the head family..." Naruto's pissed now and says "so what! I don't give up so easily!" The episode ends with Naruto making about 50 clones.

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