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Episode 61 - Zero Blindspots! Another Absolute Defense Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 61 - Zero Blindspots! Another Absolute Defense. Written by kzsouth
This is a continuation of the fight between Neji and Naruto. Basically Neji feels that he has won and Naruto and Naruto says "I won't lose to a guy like you". Neji has closed all of Naruto's tenketsus (chakra holes) so Naruto is forced to call on the 9 tails chakra instead of his own. Neji asks "Why do you fight fate so hard?" and Naruto responds "Because you called me a dropout". Naruto then begins drawing the 9 tails power....it is rather DBZ-like in the earth shaking, wind blowing effects. Everyone is in shock because they see the chakra coming from Naruto who shouldn't have any because of Neji's last attack. There are many swift attacks and just as Naruto directly attacks Neji he says "I don't know about Hyuga's hate. If you thinks it's impossible don't do anything. After I become Hokage (knives clash at this point) I'll change Hyuuga for you." Needless to say, there is a HUGE explosion with lots of smoke. After the smoke clears, two body shaped holes can be seen. Neji climbs out of one and stumbles towards the other which contains a knocked out Naruto. Neji begins speaking but is interupted by Naruto's fist coming up from the ground below him and connecting with his chin. This is a POWERFUL blow and Neji's head rocks completely back and blood gushes forth. There is more conversation between Neji and Naruto, but Neji can not move and Naruto is declared the winner!!

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