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Episode 64 - The Clouds are Nice... The Guy With no Interest Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 64 - The Clouds are Nice... The Guy With no Interest. Written by Audrey (Rika)
Okay here I go. . . Shikamaru had just been pushed into the stadium by Naruto and is just laying there. Then (funny part) people started throwing trash at him! Poor Shika! Then Temari says something like "What? Are you scared?" Then she says "Fine! Then if you won't strike, I will!" So she takes out her giant fan and (without opening it) charges at Shikamaru and aims for his head. When the dust cloud disappears, Shikamaru is no where to be seen. . .he's hiding behind a tree! Then Temari opens her fan and does this wind jutsu thing (can't remember what its called) and hits Shikamaru and cuts up the trees. Then Shikamaru appears in the middle of two trees and when the dust cloud disappears his shadow possesion jutsu is heading for Temari. She backs up and when the jutsus range is figured she takes her fan and makes a line in the ground to stay behind. Asuma was telling Kurenai about how Shikamaru's grades were and how Shikamaru had always beat him at some kind of game by making a sign with his hands showing that he was thinking of a srategy when he was caught with a difficut move. Asuma found out there that Shikamaru had an IQ over 200. Kurenai was surprised at this. She stammered, "2-200!" So yeah. . .Shikamaru was making that hand sign now (its not a real hand sign!) The second time Temari did the wind jutsu thing, Shikamaru had taken off his shirt in the process and taken out a kunai. Then Shikamaru did his shadow possesion jutsu again but this time it ent farther than the line Temari made so she jumped back and was thinking 'What! It's range ended there!' But then she figured it out! As the sun grew lower, the range increased. But then another shadow appeared and Shikamaru's jutsu kept going. Temari doged it and looked up. There was Shikamaru's shirt tied to the kunai making a balloon. But the "balloon" hit the ground and the jutsu backed off. Then Temari put her giant fan in front of her and was thinking of a strategy. She thought that if she made a shadow clone and had it go out there, Shikamaru would mistake it for the real Temari and attack it with shadow possesion. She started to make the hand signs but suddenly. . .she couldn't move. Shikamaru had got her with his shadow possesion jutsu! He got her through two holes in the ground that were connected. So he started to walk forward and so did Temari. Then Shikamaru stopped and put his hand up and after a while said, "That's it! i give up!" Temari and everyone else stood (or sat) stunned. "W-what did you say?" Temari had asked. Shikamaru replied, "I used up my last bit of chakra doing the shadow possesion. I would have lasted 10 seconds." Shikamaru put his hand down and reversed the jutsu. The proctor said, "the winner is. . .Temari!" And that's all folks!!!!!

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Episode Summary for Episode 64 - The Clouds are Nice... The Guy With no Interest. Written by Naruto685
Shikamaru doesn’t really want to fight but since he’s already on the stage, he might as well. Temari attacks and Shikamaru quickly pins himself the wall using kunai. As Shikamaru is inside the shadows thinking, Temari keeps her attack going. With the smoke as a cover, Shikamaru uses his kage mane no jutsu but Temari dodges it to find out it can only go out so far. She measures the distance and draws a line in the ground.
He then decides to really fight in this match and goes into his thinking pose.

Kurenai wonders what seal is that and Asuma explains that isn’t a seal but a pose where shikamaru likes to use when he needs to think. Asuma explains that shikamaru is a one of those people who know how to enjoy a boring time and then goes on about how he and shikamaru play Japanese chess all the time and how he never wins if shikamaru goes into that state. Kurenai wonders some more telling him that shikamaru’s grades in the academy were almost as low as naruto’s. Asuma then tells her that shikamaru was lazy and thought it was troublesome to pickup a pencil to write the written exams. He then told her that he made shikamaru took an IQ test and Asuma made it look like a game. Shikamaru finished it in record time to find out that shikamaru has an IQ of 200+.

Kurenai is surprised and shikamaru is done thinking on the stage. Temari is waiting and begins her wind assaults. Shikamaru is being damaged and with the smoke again, uses the kage mane no jutsu only it goes farther than temari predicted before and dodges it again, Shikamaru retreats again. Temari attacks continuously, and then a kunai comes out of the smoke and temari blocks it. Shikamaru uses the kage mane no jutsu again and temari once again blocks it.

All of a sudden, kankuro warns temari to watch out from above when she sees something but is unsure until a parachute made with shikamaru’s jacket, headband and kunai is floating there. Temari quickly dodges the technique and plans for her final attack. Temari plans to use a replication and shikamaru will use the kage mane no jutsu on it and she’ll attack head on. Shikamaru retreats the kage mane no jutsu and temari begins her plan behind her fan. As she is performing the seals, she is stuck. Shikamaru explains that the kage mane no jutsu finally worked and shows temari where she is. She sees that she is standing in front of the hole made by naruto in his match against Neji. Shikamaru and temari walk up to the middle of the stage and as shikamaru raises their hands, everyone is intense, and shikamaru says…


Everyone in the stadium is in shock only to find out that shikamaru is pretty much out of chakra and say’s that one much is good enough for him.

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