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Episode 66 - The Man Who Calls Up a Storm!! Sasuke's Fuzzy Eyebrow Style Combat Move! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 66 - The Man Who Calls Up a Storm!! Sasuke's Fuzzy Eyebrow Style Combat Move!. Written by anonymous
After Sasuke and Kakashis grand entrance, he is finally ready to battle Gaara. Kakashi heads up to the stands where Sakura immediately asks about Sasuke. Kakashi tells her not to worry. He then scans the arena and spots eight Anbu in sight. He and Gai seem suspicious, but their attention soon focuses on the match below.

Gaara has problems from the get go, grasping his head and cringing in pain. He asks his mother not to be mad that he made her absorb foul blood. He is sorry, but this new blood will taste better. Tamari and Kankuro look on, worried that Gaara forgot the mission, while Naruto and Shikamaru rush over to Kakashi to warn him about what Gaara is capable of and beg him to stop the match.

Sasuke, meanwhile, attacks with shurikans, but Gaara uses his sand to create a protective replica of himself. Sasuke takes it up a notch, imitating Lees speed taijutsu and gets a hit in. Lee watches in fascination - how could Sasuke gain so much speed in only a month? Elsewhere in the stadium, Kiba asks an Anbu how Hinata is doing, and Akamaru barks in recognition. While Kiba tries to figure out what is going on, the Anbu knocks him out.

The Sasuke/Gaara match continues with Sasuke dodging Gaaras sand shield to get in another jab, and soon, he starts circling Gaara at Lees speed without his weights. He is able to use his stamina to maintain speed, while Gaara uses up his fair share maintaining his sand armor. Still, Gaara and Lee are skeptical that Lees taijutsu techniques will alone hand Sasuke the victory.

Gaara takes this opportunity to form a shell cocoon around himself. The shell itself is defensive, attacking Sasuke with porcupine like spikes whenever he gets too close. Gaara then uses his sand to form an eye above the cocoon to keep watch.

A distressed Naruto continues to beg Kakashi to stop the match, while Gaara harvests himself inside his protective cocoon. But Kakashi has confidence that Sasuke will prevail and tells Naruto to watch as Sasuke makes yet another futile full force attack, dodging the sand spikes with his Sharingan.

Meanwhile, several Anbu outside the arena prepare a summoning ritual, indicating the start of things to come.

Since Gaaras not doing much, Sasuke uses this time to set up his new move - Kakashis Chidori! He poises on the arena wall, building up chakra in his arm. Once he has built up a lightning chakra charge, he rushes Gaaras barrier and punches through with a straight thrust. Gai explains that the move is called chidori because the ninja moves so fast that it sounds like a thousand birds chirping. Kakashi was able to cut through lightning with that move once.

The crowd stares in awe that Sasuke was able to break Gaaras absolute defense. Even Kazikage is impressed. Lee and Naruto watch with envy at what Sasuke was able to accomplish. Lee could never learn something like that. Only a Sharingan bearer can see fast enough to dodge the sand spikes while attacking at top speed.

Inside the cocoon, Gaara stares in disbelief at his bleeding shoulder as Sasuke uses his chidori to pull his arm back outside the cocoon. Suddenly, a monster-like arm extends out of the hole and flaps around a bit before pulling itself back inside. A terrified Sasuke peers inside the hole to see a previous of Gaaras transformed self. But not yet. Gaara breaks his shell and stands amidst the pile of stand holding his bleeding shoulder.

Kabuto sees everything is ready and casts an illusion spell on the crowd. Everyone falls asleep except for the jounin and Sakura, who quickly dispel it. Kazikage signals and the attack against Konoha begins.

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