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Episode 7 - The Assassin of the Mist! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 7 - The Assassin of the Mist!. Written by Sakura
Recovering from their recent victory over the Demon Brothers, we find our group on a small boat shrouded by the heavy mist. As they slowly go towards their destination, the oarsmen remark that soon they will see the bridge. Soon a huge monolith appears before them in the shape of an unfinished bridge. Naruto cries out only to be hushed by the oarsman so as not to be caught by an unseen enemy.

Kakashi then asks Tazuna what the real situation is. Tazuna tells them that a rich business man, named Gatoh, wants to monopolize the Country of the Wave and stop the flow of free trade. Gatoh has hired a bunch of rouge ninjas to get the job done. Tazuna then explains that he lied because they were too poor to afford a B rank mission and he begs the group to please help him. Kakashi decides, indifferently, that they will help Tazuna and the Country of the Wave. After they land the group head to Tazuna's house and Kakashi remains on the look out, knowing that this time around the enemy will be much stronger.

As the group heads to Tazuna's, Naruto decides to take the initiative and be overly cautious. Naruto charges ahead and tosses a kunai into the distance startling the group, then after being reprimanded both Naruto and Kakashi sense something. Naruto tosses another kunai this time, almost hitting a poor little snow rabbit. As the others look over the poor rabbit, Kakashi understands that the fur should not have been white due to the season. He then tells the group that they are being followed. Sensing the new enemy very close to them, Kakashi prepares himself and then Zabuza strikes. Knowing before hand who Kakashi is, it's a big advantage to Zabuza and he throws his sword towards Kakashi. Kakashi tells everyone to duck and they all hit the dirt, the sword sticks to a tree and Zabuza appears standing on the handle. Kakashi recognizes him right away as the exiled ninja from the Hidden Village of Mist, Kakashi calls back the others knowing this is a fight they can not win in the state he is in now and reaches for his head protector. Zabuza, knowing who he is, calls him Kakashi the Sharingan user, and Sasuke seems surprised to hear this.

With everybody in a state of bewilderment, Kakashi tells them to protect Tazuna and don't interfere with the fight. Kakashi then lifts the left side of his head protector to reveal a closed scared eye, and then opens it revealing a red eye with 3 dots almost like a pinwheel. Then Sasuke explains that the Sharingan is a special Doujutsu or Eye Technique that has the power to see through all Ninjitsu's, Taijitsu's, and Genjitsu's. Sasuke also explains that the Sharingan has one other ability. Zabuza explains that it can also copy any move Kakashi fights against. Kakashi is well known and Zabuza refers to him as Copy Kakashi, having supposedly copied 1000 juts. As an eerie mist rolls settles, the battle is underway. Zabuza is standing on the surface of a pond and preforms the mist concealment technique, and disappeares in the now heavy fog. Kakashi then explains that Zabuza was part of the ANBU squad of the Hidden Mist Village. He is known as the silent killer. As the mist thickens, Kakashi becomes hidden in it as well, then Zabuza starts talking about which ways to be killed to make them uneasy. Kakashi then builds up chakra and clears out some of the mist but also sends chills down Sasuke's spine because of the intense killing intent of the two. Kakashi notices Sasuke's uneasiness and tells him everything will be alright, he will never let his comrades die again. Zabuza then appears in between them, explaining that there is no one to save them.

Just as Zabuza swings the sword, Kakashi springs forward and the sounds of an attack hitting, but it turns out that the Zabuza Kakashi attacked was awater clone and the real Zabuza was right behind Kakashi. Zabuza swings and catches Kakashi off guard splitting him in two, but just as the blood start flowing it turns to water and the real kakashi is behind Zabuza with a kunai to his neck. In the time it took for Zabuza to do the mist concealment, Kakashi had copied Zabuzas clone technique and now has the upper hand.

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Episode Summary for Episode 7 - The Assassin of the Mist!. Written by Jason
Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Tasuna are walking through the forest in the Wave Village. Naruto thinks that he isn't going to lose to Sasuke again. He runs ahead of the group and acts as if he is searching for an enemy. He yells at false signal of an enemy and throws a kunai knife. He yells again and throws a kunai knife in a different direction. He continues his acting. Behind him, Tasuna is getting slowly more angry. He yells at Naruto to quit trying to scare him. The squad looks in the area where Naruto threw the second kunai knife. Sakura gasps and pounds Naruto telling him to look at what he did. Naruto sees a snow rabbit with a kunai knife in a tree above it. Naruto runs over and begins to hug the rabbit and rub his face against it. Kakashi starts thinking in suspicion that the snow rabbit has white fur yet its fur is only supposed to be that color when theres no sunlight, and that it was raised indoors for a Replacement Jutsu. A giant sword comes out of the trees and spins toward the squad, who all squat down before the sword hits them. The sword slices halfway into a tree and someone dashes onto it. It is a tall, muscular man known as Zabuza Momochi. Naruto thinks of this as a chance to redeem himself, and as he is running toward Zabuza, Kakashi stops him telling him that he is in the way. Kakashi tells the group to make a manji formation around Tasuna, and they quickly go around Tasuna, one facing each direction but leaving the back unguarded. Kakashi pulls the headband out from over his eye, saying that he will be needing it. He has what is called a Sharingan. The group starts talking about how Sharingan can anticipate and copy every jutsu. Zabuza walks out into the water and begins a jutsu. Kakashi thinks in his mind that Zabuza is building up an immense amount of Chakra. All of a sudden, Zabuza disappears and it shows a leaf hitting the water where he was. In disbelief, Sakura asks what happened to Zabuza. Kakashi explains that Zabuza is a master of the silent killing technique, and that that technique leaves you passing from this lifetime without knowing what happened. Zabuza laughs and recites the names of 8 parts of the body that when attacked will kill you. He thinks out loud what he should attack. He suddenly appears in the center of the Manji formation the squad is in and in front of Tasuna. Kakashi instantly stabs Zabuza in the stomach and he starts to leak water. Zabuza vanishes into a pool of water and appears behind Kakashi. He slices his sword through Kakashi, but Kakashi also vanishes into a pool of water. Zabuza thinks in awe that Kakashi already copied his Waterclone Jutsu. While Zabuza is standing still, Kakashi stands behind him and holds a kunai knife up to his neck. He states that Zabuza is finished.

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Episode Summary for Episode 7 - The Assassin of the Mist!. Written by Sango
The episode begins as Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke, and Tazuna are traveling in a boat through the mist to Wave Country (Tazuna's home). As the mist clears alittle, the travelers can see the big briged that is under construction. (Naruto cries out in amazment, and is immediatly told to shut-up because they don't want to call attention to the boat.) Kakashi then asks Tazuna who is after him, explaining that if Tazuna doesn't tell them, their mission will end when the boat reaches shore. Tazuna explains that a wealthy and super-dangerous shipping magnet by the name of Gatou is after is life. This is because Tazuna is organizing the building of the bridge which interferes with Gatou's shipping monopoly. Gatou also sells alot of illegal stuff and uses shinobi to to take control of buisnesses and countries). Tazuna further explains that the reason he didn't pay for a B or A rank mission was because Wave Country is very poor. Tazuna says that if they abandon him now, he will die, and his daughter and grandson will be miserale and hate leaf ninjas (hehe) -- so they agree to help. When the boat reaches land, Naruto and company begin to escort Tazuna home. As they walk, Naruto decides that it's his turn to act cool and he randomly throws kunai into the bushes, claiming he has protected them from danger (he looks like an idiot.) (Not sure if this is important ... but, Naruto almost hits this snowshoe rabit. Kakashi relizes that it is not a normal rabit and gets suspicious.) All of a sudden, Kakashi shouts at everyone to get down. They all duck just as Zabuza's weapon (I don't know what to call it ... almost looks like Sanosuke's Zanbatou in Rurouni Kenshin) flys over their heads and into a near-by tree. Zabuza appears standind on his weapon. Naruto thinks that this is finally his chance to play the hero, but Kakashi tells him to get back, identifinging their new enemy as Hidden Mist's Missing-nin, Momochi Zabuza. Kakashi says that against Zabuza's high skill level, he will need to use his Sharingan (a specialized eye that he hides under is leaf head-protector, that gives him the ability to read and copy tecniques -- however (according to Sasuke) this ability only appears in a select few members of the Uchiha clan). Zabuza's goal is to kill Tazuna, so Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura surround Tazuna, and Kakashi and Zabuza prepare to fight. Zabuza jumps to the water and preforms ninpou, hidden mist no Jutsu, and he seems to disapear into the mist. Kakashi tells them to be careful, Zabuza is known for his silent killing. As Kakashi gathers energy, Sasuke feels the immense powers of the two Jounins, and feels as if this much preasure could drive him crazy (it looked like Saskue was ready to kill himself ... I don't know ... but I didn't like it). Anyway ... Kakashi tells them not to worry, saying that he will protect them with his life. Suddenly, Zabuza appears behind Sasuke and Sakura and in front of Tazuna (he broke through their guard easily). Zabuza claims it's over and swings his weapon. Kakash sees the attack coming and runs in, stabing Zabuza with a Kunai. Water - not blood - leaks out, and the wounded Zabuza turns out to be a water clone. The real Zabuza appears behind Kakashi and attacks him with his weapon, appearing to cut him in two (yeah right). However, this Kakashi turns out to be a water clone as well (Kakashi had copied Zabuza's technique). The real Kakashi appears behind Zabuza, holding a kunai to his throat. He instructs Zabuza not to move, and the episode ends as Kakashi proclaims that the fight is over.

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