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Episode 70 - Coward No. 1 - It's Troublesome, But I've Got to Do It!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 70 - Coward No. 1 - It's Troublesome, But I've Got to Do It!!. Written by kzsouth
3rd Hokage VS 1st & 2nd Hokage + Orochimaru
3rd fights 1st and 2nd but is evenually trapped b 1st's tree growing technique. While Orochimaru makes a speach, 3rd manages to summon the Great Monkey King who promptly scolds the 3rd for not killing Orochimaru earlier. The GMK consents to help 3rd and turns into a javelin type weapon. 3rd disables 1st & 2nd but is caught by Orochimaru. 3rd sheds a tear before revealing that he is faking and grabs Orochimaru so that the GMK can grab and strangle Orochimaru. Just when we think that Orochimaru is beaten, he turns into mud and escapes the GMK's grip. Orochimaru then reforms himself and takes off his face revealing a much younger looking and sounding Orochimru beneath. Evidently Orochimaru has conquered aging by using some forbidden technique.
Naruto's group is close to catching up with Sasuke and Sasuke has caught up with Gaara's group.

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