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Episode 72 - The Hokage's Mistake - The True Face Under the Mask Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 72 - The Hokage's Mistake - The True Face Under the Mask. Written by kzsouth
Hokage #3 attepmts to use the sealing technique of Hokage #4 on Orochimaru. He uses it successfully on #'s 1&2 reducing them to the dead bodies of some of Orochimaru's fellow ninja's. The 3rd captures Orochimaru. Just as the 3rd begins the technique on Orochimaru, Orochimaru calls for his sword.
Back in the forrest, Sasuke has caught up to Gaara's group. Kankorou sends Temari on and stay behind to fight Sasuke. Before their fight can begin, Shino shows up and volunteers to fight Kakurou (who he was supposed to fight in the tournament) so that Sasuke can go after Gaara. Sasuke leaves. Shino (the bugmaster) VS Kankurou (the puppetmaster) begins.
Back at the arena Orochimaru has stabbed the 3rd, but thanks to Enma (the Great Monkey King) the sword has not gone all of the way through. Enma is holding the sword back by gripping the blade a litle bit down from the hilt. The 3rd explains about the sealing technique that he is using and that to use this technique he gives souls and his life to the Death God. Orochimaru, the 3rd, and Enma are locked in a struggle. Enma holding the sword back, Orochimaru pulling the sword forward into the 3rd, and the 3rd pulling out Orochimaru's soul.

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