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Episode 73 - Forbidden Master Technique! Shiki Fuujin Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 73 - Forbidden Master Technique! Shiki Fuujin. Written by kzsouth
In the forrest Naruto, Sakura and the doggy are still following Sasuke. The doggy stops suddenly and tells the group that they will have to go around because someone is about to fight in their path. Sakura convinces Naruto and the start off again, avoiding the battle. Temari is running with Gaara. Gaara asks her to stop and just as Temari is about to administer 1st aid Gaara knocks emari away. Sasuke has arrived. Gaara begin to transform.
Shino VS Kankurou is on. Shino wins but is knocked out by Kankorou's poison gas.
The 3rd, Orochimaru and Enma are still locked in a three way battle. Enma holding back the sword, Orochimaru pulling the sword and the 3rd pulling out Orochimaru's soul. Enma reminds the 3rd that the fate of the village rests with him. If the 3rd loses then the village will be destroyed.
Back in the forrest, Garra has transformed into a half-ogre half-Garra type monster. The right side of Gaara's body is transformed and the left side remains Gaara. The Gaara monster is super strong and quick and begins attacking Sasuke. Sasuke hides as he tries to decide what to do.

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