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Episode 74 - Astonishment! Gaara's True Identity Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 74 - Astonishment! Gaara's True Identity. Written by KZSouth
Gaara-monster VS Sasuke
Sasuke sends replicants and replacements against Gaara. They have no effect. We learn a little more about Gaara's past. Gaara is like a dog left with no food and taunted to make him mean except Gaara's "food" is love, friendship and kindness. Gaara is in essence crazy from lack. Sasuke decides that the "Chidori" is the only way that he can attack Gaara. Sasuke and Gaara lunge at one another. Gaara is hurt (which only excites him) and grows a tail. Sasuke has used up his Chidori for the day and tried his fireball attack on Gaara which has no effect. Gaara hits Sasuke hard and knocks him into a tree.
Back at the stadium the three being struggle continues. Orochimaru VS Hokage 3 with help from Enma the Great Monkey King.
Gara gives the "your just like me" speech to Sasuke. Sasuke remembers the death of his family. Even though he is at his limit, Sasuke decides to use the Chidori again. He fires up the Chidori, it seems irratic but it works to cut off Gaara's monster arm which is, of course, replaced by another monster arm on his left side. Sasuke is down though, the seal Kakhashi gave him has been broken and Orochimaru's seal has taken control of the left side of his body. Sasuke is unable to move and Gaara is closing in. Just as Sasuke is about to be hit, Naruto arrives and knocks Gaara away. Sakura and the doggy arrive and kneal at Sasuke's side.

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