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Episode 75 - Exceeding the Limit... Sasuke's Decision!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 75 - Exceeding the Limit... Sasuke's Decision!!. Written by kitecloud
This one basicly tells you about Gaaras past. After Naruto comes to save Sasuke Naruto tells everyone to run and get away from Gaara because hes so freaked out by Gaara. Gaara moves to kill Sasuke while Naruto is still talking and just before he hits Sasuke how is unable to move because of the curse on his neck. Sakura stands in the way of Gaara and Gaara says get out of the way and pushesSakura into the tree pining her with hi big monster hand. Gaara then starts to remember his past. Gaara is talking to Yeashomaru his caretaker about what pain feels like. Yeash. says pain will always go away exspeshly with medicene but the tricky part is the ones inside of your heart what they need is love. Gaara grabs his chest saying it also hirts here. Gaara then says I'm sorry I hurt you ealyer. Yeash. just smiles and says your mother also loved you and thats the only thing at will cure your chest Gaara. Gaara then smiles and says can I have ouitment. It stops there where back now and Gaara is crushing Sakura Naruto tries to attack but gets swated away. Gaara heads starts to hurt again and he remembers his past again. Gaara is running to the little girls house that he hurt elyer. She calls him a monster and slams the door. Gaara goes home all broken hearted and sits on the roof top. Then a assasine comes and trys to kill Gaara the sand saves him and he does the desert coffen on the assasin. Gaara goes over to the assasin crying and sees it is Yeashomaru he tried to kill him. Gaara cryes even more wondering why. It turns out his father sent him to kill Gaara and Yeash. wanted to kill Gaara anyway because his sister Gaaras mother died because of Gaara. Then its back to the present Gaara is waiting for Naruto to attack

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