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Episode 77 - Light and Darkness, the Name Gaara Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 77 - Light and Darkness, the Name Gaara. Written by kitecloud
Naruto has a plan to get Gaara. He uses the replication clone tech. and charges after Gaara he sends three to the front they get hit by Gaaras hand then the two that stayed behind jump up in the air Gaara hits one and the other one falls then Naruto summons one more just below him and jumps on the clones back heading stright towards Gaara. Naruto hits Gaara in the butt with the shuriken and Gaara hits Naruto having him crash into another tree. The shuriken blows up having Gaaras monster form be all deformed. Sasuke comes over to Naruto and says you have to resque Sakura I'll buy you some time so get out of here I never want to see an important friend die again. Naruto then thinks about the importent friends so he gets up saying I will protect everyone. He powers up and makes a thousand clones and they all go after Gaara kicking him and punching him even doing the combo attack. Gaara gets hit so bad that he falls out of the trees crashing into the ground. Gaara has had enough and changes into his real form. Its over 200 feet. Naruto summons the frog and the battle begins. The Hokage and Orochi. are still struggling. Hokage is trying to bring out Orochi. soul

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