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Episode 78 - Explosion! These are the Naruto Ninja Chronicles!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 78 - Explosion! These are the Naruto Ninja Chronicles!!. Written by kitecloud
After Naruto got the frog boss Gaara put a forced sleep spell on himself to tring out the full power of the monster. The frog boss said this is bad because the median will loss his soul if he sleeps. So Naruto has to smack Gaara awake so they jump in the air and cut off one of the arms from the monster. The monster does air balls trying to hit the frog boss and the frog boss throws water balls back. The frog says he's bad at transformations so Naruto has to help him. The frog boss says think of claws and teeth so I can attach myself to the monster so they run stright towards the monter doing the summoning. Naruto thinks of the fox and so they transform into the 9 tails fox biting the monster. Naruto jumps out of the fox/frog making it disapear back into a frog again. Naruto comes down and hits Gaara waking him up. Gaara is supried that he hit him and tries to use desert coffin but the frog saves Naruto. Naruto asks the fox for more power and gets it he then jumps in the air and headbutts Gaara making the monster crake and fall apart the frog boss and the little frog also disappears leaveing it all up to Naruto. They land in the trees all out of chakra they both jump in the air for one final move Naruto hits Gaara and they both fall on the ground meanwhile Hokage pulls Orochi. soul oujt just enough to get his soul hands out and has the Death god cut them. Hokage seals up his hands making them useless so Orochi. can't use his tech. anymore. We see the third fall looking at Orochi. one more time seeing him as a child and dies.

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