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Episode 79 - Break the Limit! Light and Darkness Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 79 - Break the Limit! Light and Darkness. Written by maek
Shukaku is not intimidated by the Nine Tails and uses Fuuton Renkuudan to attack the rapidly approaching fox. Kyubi easily dodges his attacks and finally grabs hold, catapulting Naruto onto Shukaku as Gamabunta transforms back to his toad form. Naruto is able to wake Gaara, but he immediately tries Desert Coffin. Gamabunta uses his tongue to protect Naruto.

Meanwhile, the battle between Orochimaru and Sarutobi continues deadlocked. Orochimaru taunts that Konoha is being attacked by the Sand and Sound. All his people will die.

Cut to the center of Konoha when the attacking ninjas realize that all the women and children have been evacuated. The signal is given and Konaha begins its counterattack. Hiashi Hyuuga byakugans and takes out a number of his attackers, while the elder Nara-Akamichi-Yamanaka trio reunites to defend the village. The Hokage senses his villagers won not give up without a fight and explains that when you protect someone important, true strength will manifest.

Naruto quickly glances at Sakuras helpless body and remembers Sasukes words - to rescue Sakura no matter what. He then asks Kyubi for help and powers up. He and Gaara continue to exchange blows until Naruto head butts Gaara, and Shukaku disappears. Gamabunta and Gamakishi head back to their own realms, and Naruto and Gaara fall to the forest floor, exhausted and depleted of chakra.

The Hokage realizes his time has come and he won not be able to take Orochimarus soul with him. Before he dies, Sarutobi pulls one last technique - to bind Orochimarus arms. He now will no longer be able to use any ninja techniques or form seals. With that satisfaction, Sarutobi dies with a smile on his face.

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Episode Summary for Episode 79 - Break the Limit! Light and Darkness. Written by tecloud
In the leaf village the battle still rages on but leaf wins. They see Orochi. excape and see what happened to the third. They see that he is dead. Meanwhile Gaara and Naruto can barlly move. Naruto still wants to fight to protect Sakkura because she is pined to a tree and the sand is crushing her but he dosn't know that the sand has been released yet. Naruto is crawing towards Gaara and Gaaras saying I will not die my existance will not be put out. Naruto tells him he was lonly but found friends so he dosn't feel that way anymore saying he will kill Gaara to protect them. Then Sasuke comes and so does Gaaras team and they leave eachother alone and head back to leaf. Next morning they have the funnral for the third everyone is there.

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