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Episode 80 - Third, Farewell Forever......!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 80 - Third, Farewell Forever......!!. Written by steve
This episode starts off with Enma crawling over to the now dead Hokage's body. He pulls the sword from his body and says its the least he can do for the one person who mastered the way of the ninja. Orochimaru just stands over the Hokage's body sweating with pain from his now purple arms. The sound nijas are all worried about Orochimaru now. He tells them that the mission is over. They dispell the shield technique and carry Orochimaru to safety. A few ANBU members try to stop them but one of the ninjas traps them all in a web. Down in the fighting arena it is revealed that the ANBU member fighting on the other side is Kabuto. They retreat for the moment. Over in the forest, Temari is jumping from tree to tree when a faint voice calls out for her. She goes down and collects Kankuro who is totally out of chakra and sets out to find Gaara. The sand prison holding Sakura falls apart. Sasuke catches her before she reaches the ground and then goes to find Naruto. Over in another part of the forest Naruto and Gaara are both lying on the ground, both out of energy and chakra. Naruto can't get up and walk so he squirms (like a snake) towards Gaara. As he moves closer clips are shown of Naruto crying with a big crowd around him. They're all saying things like "Monster! Get away from me!" Then the same clip is played except it is Gaara now with sand villagers yelling at him. Naruto then thinks about when he first met Gaara and then Haku. As Naruto gets closer Gaara tells him to get away. Then he thinks back to what Yashamaru told him about love. Naruto then looks over to Gaara all teary eyed and tells him he doesn't know why but he feels that he knows how Gaara feels. Then he tells him that he has important people to him and that he'll kill Gaara if he tries to hurt them. Sasuke, Temari and Kankuro arrive and kneel over their comrades. Gaara tells them not to fight and that its time to go. They pick up Gaara and leave. While Kankuro and Temari carry Gaara through the forest he wonders if he'll be able to ever has love ones that he protects. Then he tells Temari and Kankuro that he's sorry for what he's done to them. The nect morning Naruto gets up and puts on his black robes for the Hokage's funneral. At the funneral all of the clans and villagers are shown (I had no clue Shino had an older brother). It starts to rain and Konohamaru starts to cry. Iruka hugs him and thinks back to when his parents were killed by the Kyuubi. The Hokage came to him and told him that he wasn't alone. Over at the rock (the one kakashi goes to every day) Kakashi stands motionless when Rin (his former team mate) comes over to drop off some flowers for Hayate (he was killed by the sand jounin Baki). In the same area Jiraiya thinks back to when the Hokage first took he, orochimaru and tsunade as his students (he's stuck on the wooden pole just like Naruto was with Kakashi). Over at the funneral, all of the genins put flowers on the Hokage's memorial and each think back to a memory they have of the Hokage. Naruto asks Iruka why people risk their lives for others. Iruka explains that when a person dies, they disappear but they live on thru their loved ones. Then all the clouds seperate and the sun comes out again. All of the genins are shown walking out from the funneral. Naruto runs over to Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke's side. Over at the now destroyed wall of Konoha, two cloaked people stand (its pretty obvious who one of them is). One of them says that the village that prospered like no other has become pitiful. The episode ends with a close up of one of the cloaked men's sharingan.

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