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Episode 81 - The Homecoming in the Morning Mist Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 81 - The Homecoming in the Morning Mist. Written by Sakura-chan0893

In the beginning you see 2 figures coming out of the mist.a Konoha guard spots them but one of the figures gives him a look and the guard is unconcious.

Sasuke is seen remembering part of his past, he's like looking at himself when he was younger, Sasuke throws a kunai at it.Meanwhile Naruto training.he goes back to the village.When he gets there he sees Konohamaru looking at the Hokage's.Naruto and Konohamaru start this conversation, then Naruto gives Konohamaru a free meal pass.Konohamaru asks if he is sure about it, Naruto says its okay because he has another one.

A whistle calls a the Jounin from the village of the sand over.All of them see Kazekage dead.The one who called them over says he was dead for a long time, maybe before the chuunin exams started.One of them believes it was Orochimaru's doing.Meanwhile u see Orochimaru with Kabuto.Kabuto compliments him for killing two of the five kages.Orochimaru tells him not to patronize him or he will kill him.Kabuto apologizes (i guess) and says they couldnt capture Sasuke but atleast the curse seal is on him.Orochimaru laughs then says if he could've gotten a hold of Uchiha Itachi before, there wouldnt have been a problem.He then says its impossible because Itachi is stronger than him.

Back with Sasuke, Kakashi calls him over.Naruto is running to get his ramen. u see the 2 figures again, one asks the other if he has located him yet, the other replies yes.Now u see Jiraiya (perverted hermit)being a perv as usual.Homura and Koharu talk with him.They say they needed a fifth hokage, and they decided he was going to be.Jiraiya refuses, he says Tsunade another Sannin should be hokage. Jiraiya says he will find her with someone else.Back with Naruto he's ready for his ramen but he cant find his pass!Now we see Kakashi reading his book a dumpling hut.Kurenai and Asuma approaches him, Kakashi says they're getting along fine.Kurenai blushes and says that she is getting dumplings for Anko.Asuma questions Kakashi why he is there, he says he is waiting for someone-Sasuke.he says that because two men were waiting for that.Sasuke arrives he looks at where the 2 men were but they are gone.Kurenai and leave--meanwhile naruto is still searching for the pass.u then see the 2 men leaving Kurenai and Asuma stops them and questions them.They reveal who they are 1 is Uchiha Itachi, and the other is Hoshigaki Kisame.The 2 Jounins recognize them and start a fight.Asuma fights Kisame, while Kurenai fights Itachi--they're losing quite badly.Kakashi arrives.

Naruto finally finds his pass and gets ramen.The man that works there gives him a second serving for free because Naruto plans to train again after.Jiraiya comes in, and Naruto looks surprised.

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