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Episode 83 - Ohh Noo! Jiraiya's Woman Trouble, Naruto's Trouble Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 83 - Ohh Noo! Jiraiya's Woman Trouble, Naruto's Trouble. Written by
Naruto and Jiraiya are going off on a mission to find Tsunade. When they are walking, Itachi and Kisame are both watching them from a higher road. Itachi says that they wont be able to kill him *meaning Naruto* because they will most likely both die.Kisame says that his caretaker is one of the legendary Sannin, and it will be hard to get to Naruto. Itachi remarks that though that is true, everyone has a weakness. Back in Konoha Gai, Kurenai and Asuma are crowded around an uncouncious Kakashi in his room. They are discussing why Itachi might want to kidnap Naruto, but they hear Sasuke coming so they shut up. Sasuke sees all the jounins crowded around Kakashi and he demands to know what's going on and why Kakashi is unconcious. Then another Jounin barges into the room and asks them all if it is true that Itachi came back to the village and is after Naruto, but shuts up when he sees Sasuke in the room. Sasuke starts, and Gai groans loudly and calls the other Jounin and idiot. Sasuke runs out of the room and goes to look for Naruto. Meanwhile Naruto and Jiraiya reach the next town and see a festival going on. Jiraiya and Naruto see this really sexy woman and they both starts drooling over her. Naruto thinks for a second that Jiraiya would let him go with him, but instead he gets handed the keys to the hotel room by Ero-Sennin *the perverted hermit, Jiraiya* who tells him to practice up in the room. Naruto gets pissed off, but he's forced to go anyway and Jiraya goes with the woman. Meanwhile, Sasuke has been looking all over the place for Naruto. He stopped at the Ichiraku Ramen place and he learned that Naruto had left to go look for someone out of town with a 'Big, White haired Man'. He runs to the next village and starts inquiring at the hotels to see if they saw 'A blond kid with a stupid face and a big, white haired man.' He passes Jiraiya and the woman several times, who are goofing off and getting drunk, and Jiraiya is winning things for her. He has no luck at the first three hotels, but in the next one the woman says that she might have seen two people who looked like that when she went on her shift, and she gives him the room number. Sasuke runs up to the room, and knocks on the door. Naruto is practicing his chakra control with his bunshin *clones*, who have all fallen asleep. He hears a knock at the door, and wonders to himself whether Ero-sennin had already gotten dumped. The guy knocks on the door again. Sasuke knocks on the door and yells for Naruto to hurry up. He knocks again, and then the door opens. Naruto yells to hold on a second, and he makes the bunshin disspear. He gets up and opens the door, to see Itachi staring down at him. Naruto freezes. Sasuke looks down at a little boy with blond hair and his grandfather, who both look at him, surprised. He curses and says that it was the wrong one, and he leaves.

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Naruto and Jiraiya are on a little trip going to the next town. When they are walking on the road high above there are two men looking down on them. They say that they can;t kill him or in the best case they both die either way. Then the tall one with the big sword says his caretaker is the legendary sannin. Itachi says yes but everone has a weakness. Back at the village the Junnins are in Kagishi place talking about Naruto and why Itachi wants him. Then they hear Sasuke comeing up so they quiet down. Sasuke sees Kagishi unconcious and the Junnins that are in the room. Sasuke says whats going on why are you here and why is Kagishi like this. Then somone comes in the room and says is it try that Itachi is after Naruto by those words Sasuke runs out and goes looking for them. Meanwhile Naruto and the perverted hermit(Jiraiya) reach the next town and see a hot babe they both go crazy over her but Jiraya hands Naruto the inn keys and tells him to practice up in the room. Naruto is mad but goes anyway and Jiraya goes with the babe. In the room when Naruto was gathering his chakra he hears a knock. He goes to open it and he sees Itachi.Sasuke gets to the village and looks in all the inns.

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Episode Summary for Episode 83 - Ohh Noo! Jiraiya's Woman Trouble, Naruto's Trouble. Written by kitecloud
Itachi has just found Naruto and asks him to come out of thr room. He does and finds out that they know he has the 9 tails inside of him. The sword guy says we shoud chup of a leg so he dosn't move. He is about to when Itachhi says hello little brother to Sasuke how just ran into the hall. Sasuke gets mad and makes the lightning edge running towards the brother that killed his hole clan. Itacki catches it sednding it into the next room. Naruto knows he has to do somthing and so he brings out the red chakra Itachi sees this brakes Saskes arm saying to him you are in the way. The sword guy does a quick motion with his sword and eats up the chakra that Naruto just summoned leaving him defensless. The sword guy says I think we should also cut his arm off to so he doen't do that again. Just then as the sword was coming down Jiraya appears with the hot babe unconcious saving Naruto

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