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Episode 84 - Growl Chidori, Roar Sasuke! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 84 - Growl Chidori, Roar Sasuke!. Written by Chester
In the beginnig of this episode Jiraiya makes a introduction of himself to Itachi and Kisame. After Sasuke gets up and tell everyone that he will be the one to kill Itachi and that everyone must not interfere. Then Jiraiya tries to get to them but Kisame tell him not to interfere. Itachi runs up to Sasuke and punches him, elbows him and knees him.Then Itachi pushes Sasuke to the wall and says that he is weak because he lacks hatred. Then Itachi uses tsukiyomi, which is when Itachi's eye makes Sasuke remember when Itachi kill the clan which damages him mentally. Then Naruto gets annoyed and goes after Itachi. Kisame tries to stop him as Jiraiya uses frog mouth trap technique and Sasuke goes into the wall to keep from further damage. Itachi tells Kisame to run and there chased by the fat surrounding the walls. Then Itachi is in the hallway and he used Amaterasu, which is God of the sun. He broke throught the wall ran away and was gonna rest until he can fight because he was tired. After Naruto saw this black flame then almost touched it. Jiraiya use fire supressor which sealed the fire in a scroll. While Jiraiya is talking with Naruto about Sasuke, Gai jumps in and does dynamic entry and kicks Jiraiya in the face. In the end Jiraiya talks to Gai about Kakashi be unconcious and then Naruto and Jiraiya head off to find the slug tamer and medical specialist that has the word gamble on her back, the 1st hokage's granddaughter, Tsunade-hime.

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