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Episode 85 - Foolish Little Brother, Hate, and Detest! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 85 - Foolish Little Brother, Hate, and Detest!. Written by Korean_420
The opening scene of the episode starts when jiraiya saves naruto from Itachi and Kisame. Sasuke is barely concious at this moment. Jiraiya is worried about Sasuke and Naruto because he knows that both of them don't stand a chance if they try to take on Itachi so he says that he will take care of Itachi Kisame by himself. At this point Sasuke regains some of his energy and tells nobody to get in his way. He explains that only he will kill Itachi. Itachi only replies by saying I have no interest in you. Sasuke tells him to just shutup and fight. Sasuke Tries his best to try and fight Itachi but Itachi is just too powerful for him. Sasuke's emotions run high and he says once again that he has only lived for this day. At this point he remembers his dead family members who were slaughtered by his brother Itachi. The rest of the fight is completely one-sided as Itachi beats up his younger brother sasuke. Sasuke's will to fight was strong but it was too clear that Itachi still had a far greater amount of talent and strength. Naruto can only watch as his friend gets beaten up. Itachi tells Sasuke that he is weak and he is weak because of his lack of hatred towards him. Itachi then uses his sharingan to make Sasuke relive the worst moment of his life when his entire family was killed. Sasuke screams out loud as his mind pictures his family being killed one by one by his brother Itachi. By this point Naruto can't take it anymore and rushes Itachi but Jiraiya summons a frog esophagus to try and digest Itachi and Kisame alive. Jiraiya explains that escape is impossible for Kisame and Itachi, however Itachi somehow manages to burn a whole through the wall and escape. Jiraiya can't believe this since the frog he summoned breathed fire. Sasuke has lost conciousness and Naruto is raged. Gai l8er shows up (In a very stupid but comical way) and agrees to take Sasuke to a hospital. The scene changes to Itachi and Kisame running away. Itachi explains that he needs to rest.

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