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Episode 88 - The Konoha Mark and Forehead Protector Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 88 - The Konoha Mark and Forehead Protector. Written by steve
This episode starts off with Sasuke asleep in bed with Sakura looking concerned for him. It then cuts to Orochimaru in bed wailing in agony. A servant comes in to help him but Orochimaru just looks at him (all big eyed and stuff) and he's dead on the floor. Kabuto comes in ("you killed another one?" he asks) and tells him to take his medicine. Orochimaru says he doesn't need Kabuto's useless pain killers. For the pain he's in, there's only one person who can heal it: Tsunade. She's a legendary Sannin just like Orochimaru, so it will be hard for them to no only find her but to get her to treat a prick like Orochimaru. Back to Naruto's training. Jiraya shows him his palm. It's the same mark that Naruto has on his. Jiraya basically explains that it when someone looks at a piece of paper with a dot on it, it's much easier to concentrate on the dot. It's the same rule now, except Naruto must concentrate chakra into his dot. Naruto continues his training for a while (popping rubber balls with his chakra) and Jiraya goes from bar to bar looking for Tsunade. Cut to Orochimaru and Kabuto heading towards the village Tsuade supposedly is in (Tanzaku City) when Orochimaru starts getting pains again..."AAAAAAAAAHHH, curse you Sarutobi!!!" Kabuto just stands there with his stupid shiny glasses (god I hate those Harry Potter glasses) while Orochimaru drops to the ground in pain. Back to Naruto and Jiraya with more training and info gathering. Cut to Tsunade, her apprentice Shizune, and the pig at the slot machines. Tsunade is raking in a fortune, which is unlike her (she usually looses miserably when betting). Another shot of Naruto who wakes up from exhaustion with a bunch of popped rubber balls around him. Then back to Tsunade who is getting a bad feeling about the city who decides to get the hell outta here. Back to Naruto (again) whose hand is burnt from all the chakra gathering. A leaf lands on his head which reminds him of his days at academy when Iruka senei tought the class (with a young Shikomaru, Chouji and Kiba) about how the meaning behind the leaf on the forehead protector. It was used to mold chakra so that the user wouldn't become distracted. They all decide that it's just bull and they all run out the window. Naruto then regrets not listening to Iruka Sensei. Cut to Tsunade and Shizune outside Tanzaku Castle (cultural landmark) when Tsunade starts to get the chills. Back to Naruto who is taking chakra from one hand and patting it onto the rubber ball imagines the konoha leaf with a big vortex of chakra around it. The Tanzaku Castle then blows up at the same time the rubber ball does and Naruto is sent flying on the ground. Jiraya catches Naruto whose palm now has a knoha leaf tattooed on it instead of the sprial thing he had before. Back to Tsunade who looks up at the destroyed castle, now only Orochimaru, Kabuto on the three-headed snake. The episode ends with Orochimaru saying "I found you"

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