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Episode 89 - Ripple Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 89 - Ripple. Written by jessica
jiraiya and naruto stand on the skirts of tanzaku city and jiraiya give naruto a quick lesson about the third stage of his trainging.he hands naruto an air balloon and explainthe third step is ripple.jiraiya hold the balloon with his right hand and while showing the chakra rotation into a spherical typhoo in left. he is able to rotate the chakra with such a great contol, yet the balloon does not move!he explains that to master the technique,naruto must keep the chakras rotation and power at 100% but he must maintain a small space between it and the ballon.jiriaya then demostrates the technique by forming a chakra ball and samming it into a nearbyby tree, creating a spiral hole. he does it againg, burning a hole through the tree. suddenly, naruto realizes how difficult this technique will be to master,but there no time to train now. inside tanzuke city, kabuto and orochimaru confront tsunade and shizune.tsunade immediately demands to know why hes here and soon sebses he has a high fever. he has a request, but she informs him she quit medicine a long time ago. he explains that no one eslecan cure him. that he was cursed when he killed the third. he has come to make her an offer. when she is shockto learn the third. he plays his trump card and invoke the memories of the two that she once held dear to her heart. people die. shizune can not stand the thought of someone trying to manipulate tsunade and attack with poison needles. kabuto quickly deflects theem before they can strike orochimaru, and soon, the two servants go head to head.after they get each other in catch 22 position eith blade at eachother throat, tsunade tells shizune to back a way after a few curt demand that orochimaru leave, he reveals he terms. he will revive her brother and lover with her forbidden technique he developed.he now has her attention jiraiya scouts town for informatiom on tsunade. one man offers a bet if he win a dice,he will give him the informationfor free. chou (even) or han(odd)? jiraiya picks chou and the dice land,displaying a two and a fibe.just as jiraiya realizes he must pay up,naruto pops a balloon and it the five rolls,landing with six face up. jiraiyah win! naruto then spots a fortune teller and takes a game tictet. to his glee,he wins enough money to refil his wallet! the two head for higher groud to search for tsunade. tsunade hasn not gotten over the deaths of her lover,dan and her brother,nawaki.but she senses Orochimaru is up to no good. she asks what he will do if she cure him.his goal-to crush konoha

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