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Episode 91 - The First Hokage's Inferitance, The Necklace That Calls Upon Death Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 91 - The First Hokage's Inferitance, The Necklace That Calls Upon Death. Written by nikekalami
Tsunade is interested that Naruto tried to use the 4th Hokage’s Raisengan, but thinks that Jiraiya shouldn't encourage him by teaching him stuff he can't possibly master. Naruto tells her that he can master it in only three days and that he WILL be Hokage. She bets that he can’t master it in a week and offers him her necklace as the prize. Naruto scoffs and says he doesn't want it. Jiraiya tells him that it is very valuable and that it belonged to the 1st Hokage, so Naruto is impressed. Tsunade says if he can't master the moves, he has to give her all the money in his frog wallet. Shizune remembers that Orochimaru gave them a week to decide, and that Tsunade gave Naruto a week. Coincidence? Shizune later explains to Naruto that Tsunade isn't a crazy old hag like he thinks she is. She tells him that Tsunade used to be different but is now bitter and all she has left of her old life is that cursed necklace filled with memories. Everyone other than Tsunade that wore the necklace has died. Tsunade remembers being a teenager and giving it to her brother Nawaki for his 12th birthday, and he shouted that he’d be Hokage and protect the village and never take back his words. He died gruesomely the next day and young Orochimaru laughed at her for being upset. Cut to her in a council meeting, demanding that each squad have a medical specialist to prevent deaths in the field. 3rd Hokage says that it is a good idea, but they don't have the resources during a time of war. Dan stands up and agrees with her. They walk home together afterwards. Later, they are in love and he confides that he wants to end the war and be Hokage and protect the village. She gives him the necklace. Cut to Dan, dying in the field and bemoaning the fact that he won't be able to do what he wanted to do. Dan can't be helped, but she tearfully tells him that he'll be fine. He says that he is glad, and then dies. She tries to help him with chakra and gets blood all over her hands. She is horrified and developes hemophobia. Shizune says that ever since that day Tsunade has lived in a state of confusion. Later the adults are at the bar and Jiraiya asks her if it bothers her that Naruto is so much like Dan and Nawaki. She says no but he thinks she is lying. He tells her that he knows she talked to Orochimaru and reminds her of how much the Hokages loved their village. He tells her that if she betrays Kohona, he WILL kill her. She says “why did you bring that kid along!?” Tsunade reflects on Orochimaru's offer, the advice she's gotten, and the memory of her brother and her love...

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