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Episode 92 - Yes or No! Tsunade's Answer Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 92 - Yes or No! Tsunade's Answer. Written by nikekalami
This is a very flashback heavy episode. Tsunade is thinking over Orochimaru's offer to revive her loved ones while watching Naruto train to master the Raisengen. He only has one day left to master it or he'll lose their bet. Orochimaru says that he thinks that Tsunade will agree to help him, but tells Kabuto not to worry--he will force her to help him if she won't cooperate willingly. Naruto has trained to exhaustion and passed out in the woods instead of going home. Shizune finds him and carries him back to the inn. While she is carrying him home, Jiraiya and Tsunade go out drinking. Tsunade slips a powder into Jiraiya's sake while he isn't looking. He drinks it without noticing. Afterwards, Tsunade ditches him at the bar and goes home to the inn. She tells Shizune that Naruto is exhausted and won't wake up for days, so can't possibly win the bet. Shizune begs Tsunade not to meet with Orochimaru, and swears to stop her from going, even if it costs her life. Tsunade shoves her to the ground and knocks her out. Next morning--Jiraiya is comatose at the bar, Tsunade is waiting at the castle for Orochimaru, and Orochimaru and Kabuto are talking. Orochimaru gives Kabuto permission to kill Shizune, and Kabuto flashes back to when Orochimaru gave him permission to try to kill Sasuke and said "if you want to stop me, kill Sasuke because you can't kill me." He frowns, and heads off. Naruto wakes up Shizune and she thinks it is days later because of what Tsunade said earlier, but Naruto convinces her it is the next morning. She yells that they don't have time to chat, and she jumps out the window to go stop Tsunade--but Jiraiya is there and he throws a knife at her and almost hits her in the head. He says he didn't expect to be caught unawares by Tsunade, but she totally got him and now he can't control chakra or throw things effectively. Kabuto watches them talking, and decides he can't handle Chizune, Jiraiya, and Naruto all together, so he retreats. Jiraiya saw him watching though, and he says: "Shizune, you WILL tell me what is up with Orochimaru and Tsunade." She says that they don't have time, but she will explain on the way. All three take of running. Jiraiya is worried that he might have to kill Tsunade to keep her from healing Orochimaru. Last, Orochimaru and Tsunade are facing off. She says she will cure his arms if he promises not to hurt Konoha Village. He says "very well." She remembers her loved ones and reaches for Orochimaru with a ball of chakra in her hands...and Kabuto suddenly throws a knife between them. Orochimaru glares at him and says "What is the meaning of this!! You've betrayed me...TSUNADE!" The camera cuts to Tsunade and she looks full of hate.

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