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Episode 93 - Negotiations Broken Down Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 93 - Negotiations Broken Down. Written by Andrew D. Blumfield
Tsunade starts out by using her Mystical Palms Jutsu on Orochimaru's arms, but Kabuto notices her killing instinct with her jutsu. (Orochimaru thinks that Tsunade is trying to heal his arms) Kabuto throws a kunai and Tsunade & Orochimaru jump back. Kabuto tells Orochimaru that Tsunade was trying to kill him. Orochimaru asks why and Tsunade goes back to her memeories of Nawaki (her brother that was killed) and Dan (her boyfriend that was killed) Tsunade then runs at Orochimaru and Kabuto and performs her Painfull Sky Leg Jutsu, Kabuto & Orochimaru make it out in time before they get crushed with Tsunade's strength. Tsunade then keeps tying to hit them but they keep on running away.

Naruto, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Tonton find Tsunade's jacket at the spot where Tsunade used her jutsu, Shizune picks it up and asks Tonton to find Tsunade.

Meanwhile in a plain Tsuande keeps trying to hit Kabuto. Kabuto uses a soldier pill and uses his Mystical Palms Jutsu. He digs through the ground and tries to hit her legs. She punchs down and Kabuto runs away and hides behind a rock. Tsunade kicks through the rock and then jumps backwards. Kabuto hits her in the arm & leg, and she hits him back (Tsunade's strength was taken away when she was hit by Kabuto's jutsu) Kabuto then trys to hit her with his jutsu. He hits her in the lungs so she could barely breathe. Tsunade hits him with her Body Distubance Jutsu (It affects the brain waves so when he move his right arm he actually moved his left leg) she then punches him back. Tsunade heals herself while Kabuto trys to figure out how to move, he figures out how to eventually and pulls out a kunai. He charges at her but then a smoke bomb appears and Naruto, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Tonton appear.Tsunade pushes Jiraiya in to Tonton and kicks Kabuto's kunai away to a wall. Tsunade punches and kicks Kabuto to a wall and Kabuto grabs the kunai and cuts himself squirting blood all over Tsunade (she has hemophobia-fear of blood).

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