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Episode 95 - The Fifth Hokage, The Battle That She Bets Her Life On! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 95 - The Fifth Hokage, The Battle That She Bets Her Life On!. Written by
Tsunade watches Naruto drive Kabuto backwards with his Rasengan. Tsunade watches him in amazement while Jiraiya and Orochimaru continue their battle. She can not believe he was able to learn such a technique in only one week! Naruto then passes out.

Tsunade rushes to Narutos side, staring in disbelief that Kabuto was still alive. He explains that he was able to use his chakra to regenerate his old, damaged cells, but now hes used up most of his chakra. Kabuto staggers out, but drained of all chakra, he falls limply to the ground.

Narutos heart beat is irregular and she realizes Kabuto was able to tear Narutos muscles. She attempts to heal him while Kabuto explains he severed the nine tails chakra flow into Narutos heart, destroying any chance of healing. Tsunade replies that she will kill him soon. She focuses on Naruto, who has stopped breathing, and begs him not to die. He reaches up wearily and grabs her necklace, declaring victory. She then heals him fully and places the necklace around his neck.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru sees the opportunity and dives for Narutos body. Tsunade jumps in front of his sword and takes the blow full force. He explains that he had no intention of killing her, but he senses that letting Naruto live will prove to be a bad decision in the future. She tells him that she will defend Naruto with her life. He will be the future Hokage.

Orochimaru tells her the title Hokage is meaningless and that only a fool would want such a title. She remembers her own words, and both Naruto and Jiraiyas response. She then vows that from his point, she will give her life to protect Konoha. Repeatedly, he tries to kill Naruto, and each time, she deflects his blow. When he asks why she does such a thing she replies that she is the Fifth Hokage. She kicks Orochimaru back and taps into the energy store sealed on her forehead using Ninpo Sozo Saise: Genesis of Rebirth and her wounds heal.

Shizune can not believe Tsunade would use such a technique. Doing so means shortening her lifespan.

With the three Sannin back in full swing, each summons their ultimate and soon, Manda the snake, Gamabunta the frog, and Kitsuii the slug.

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