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Episode 96 - Three-Way Deadlock Battle Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 96 - Three-Way Deadlock Battle. Written by tomboygirl432
The episode starts off with Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru standing on their animals *frog, slug, and snake* , and all of them throwing comments at each other *including the animals*. Jiraiya says that Orochimaru is too evil and is beyond help, and Orochimaru says that is a bad joke. Tsunade announces that after this battle, the Sannin will no longer exist. She gets Kitsuii, her slug, to take Naruto to Shizune, who makes a bunshin and does so. Then, Kitsuii opens the battle by performing 'Zeshi Nensan', or Acid of One Thousand Fangs, and spits it at Manda, the snake, who dodges.

Manda launches himself at Kitsuii and wraps himself around her, starting to squeeze the life out of her. Gamabunta, the toad, jumps in and swings at Manda's head with his dagger. Manda's jaws close on the dagger, and they're all trapped. Tsunade jumps off Kitsuii, who suddenly bursts into thousands of little bunshin slugs. They crawl away to reform as a whole again, away from Manda and Gamabunta. Bunta lets go of the dagger and back flips away from Manda. Manda throws the dagger at Bunta, who jumps out of the way. The dagger speeds towards Kitsuii, but it falls shorts, and it lands with its point in the ground. Tsunade uses it as leverage to jump back on top of Kitsuii.

Jiraiya warns Tsunade to get back, and asks Gamabunta to provide some oil. He makes some hand seals and performs 'Katon: Gamaryu Emudan' *Fire Element: Grand Fireball* no Jutsu. Bunta spits out a huge spurt of oil aimed at Manda, and the fireball slams into it, making a huge spurt of fire. Everything is consumed by flames and smoke. Jiraiya thinks they won, but after the smoke cleared they realized that they'd only gotten the skin, Manda has molted and was underground. Manda's tail came up out of the ground and Bunta grabbed it, but his head came up from behind and opened to bite him.

Just in time though, Tsunade came flying down, her arms around the enormous dagger. She yelled at Manda to keep his mouth shut, and stabbed said mouth through with the dagger, saving Jiraiya and Gamabunta. She landed on the end of the dagger's hilt, but Orochimaru launched his tongue at her from where he was on Manda's mouth and wrapped it around her neck, attempting to strangle her. Tsunade manages to free herself from the tongue, and uses it to her advantage to pull Orochimaru up and slug him right in the face. He goes flying, and she jumps after him, continuing to punch and kick him. She lands back on the dagger's end, and Orochimaru goes plummeting. She grabs his tongue again, and pulls him up, throwing a punch at him. Just then, though, her muscles start hurting from the attack that Kabuto gave her from two previous episodes, and she misses. Kitsuii comments from afar that Tsunade has reached her limit. Tsunade doesn't stop though, and she keeps punching and kicking him. They jump to the ground, and Orochimaru attempts to run away. Tsunade doesn't let him though, and keeps hitting him and hitting him. Orochimaru launches his tongue at her and wraps it around her torso. He then tries to impale her with the katana of Kusanagi, but she pushes her feet against it and pushes, freeing herself from his tongue. She then hits him a few more times, punches him so he goes up into the air, and kicks him so he goes flying about 20 feet. She then makes a few hand seals, and her hand starts glowing with chakra. She says that it's over, and that this was her 'life sacrificed for the fight'. She then punches him and he goes flying, slamming into the dagger and landing on top of Manda's head. Jiraiya says that it's over. Manda remarks that Orochimaru has done a stupid thing. He says that he would love to eat him, but he can't since his mouth is stabbed shut. He tells Orochimaru to be prepared to face the consequences, and then he undoes the summon and vanishes. Orochimaru tells Tsunade that even though she would not help him, he has another way for him to heal his arms. They look at him and notice that his skin is peeling, revealing the face of the body that he is using. Tsunade and Jiraiya are repulsed, and Jiraiya remarks inwardly that Orochimaru using other peoples bodies for himself is despicable, and that it's why Orochimaru has been acting differently from his old self. Orochimaru says that he will be looking forward to see his 'good friends' again, and he sinks into the ground and disappears. Kabuto also says farewell, and he makes some hand seals and disappears in a puff of smoke. Tsunade drops to the ground, exhausted.

Jiraiya and Tsunade are then standing over an unconscious Naruto. Jiraiya, looking at the necklace Naruto is wearing, remarks that Tsunade always was a bad gambler. He then suddenly sees Tsunade's hand become wrinkled, and he looks at her, because the jutsu she was using to make herself look younger wore off. She tells him she just needs some rest, and then she'll be back to normal.

The next day Naruto, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune are all in a restaurant. After they tell him that Tsunade has accepted the offer to become Hokage, he wonders whether she should either be Hokage at all . He says that she has a bad gambling reputation, and that she keeps herself young looking even though she’s really 50. He wonders if someone can really be Hokage while keeping such a big lie from everyone. Tsunade gets pissed off and tells him to get outside.

They go outside, and everything is exactly the same as what happened last time they fought. They’re in the same positions, and Tsunade holds up one finger, and says that she’ll only need one finger for the fight. Naruto rushes at her, as before, and she uses her one finger to knock off his head protector, and he goes flying up a bit. She then holds out a finger, and Naruto closes his eyes, expecting to get flicked in the forehead again and get thrown backwards, but instead she just pokes him, and then kisses him on the forehead, like she did to her brother Nawakii and her boyfriend Dan when she gave them her necklace. Naruto opens his eyes, surprised, and Tsunade smiles, and tells him to become a great ninja, and a great Hokage. Jiraiya announces that they should get a move on, but Naruto’s stomach grumbles and he complains that he didn’t get to eat yet. They all laugh, and he yells at them, offended.

Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune leave the restaurant before Naruto, and Tsunade thinks about Nawakii and Dan. She says to herself that she has met someone like them who has helped her, and that he’s right here with her now, and we see Naruto running to catch up with them, his mouth full of rice. Then the episode ends.

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