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Episode 97 - Naruto's Hot Spring Experience! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 97 - Naruto's Hot Spring Experience!. Written by Hikarikage
Tsunade said the map shows a really good hot spring bathhouse where she wants to go. Naruto said that she was suppose to hurry up and get to Konoha to heal Sasuke, Jiraiya also said no but then Tsunade said that it was an all genders tub. Of course, Ero-Sennin said ok then the four people and pig (including Shizune and Ton-Ton of course) were off.

Shizune leaves their bags at the counter and Jiraiya and Naruto go straight to the baths. Shizune, Tsunade & Ton-Ton leave and Tsunade rushes to the gambling place, Shizune was terrified. meanwhile, Naruto left the baths but Jiraiya said he wanted to stay (to wait for a few females appear). Naruto gets attacked (Ithink) by a few guys but they were non-ninja so of course Naruto won.
He asked why they attacked him and they said they saw him with Tsunade and that she still had to pay a debt of 1000000 yen to their boss and until they get her to pay, they can't go home.
They (including Naru.)try to get a suitcase they think was full of money and steal it. Shizune gets it back. Then Naruto says that he should pretend to be kiddnaped, they send a note to Shizune/Tsunade and she goes and saves Naruto.

Then Naruto starts blameing her (calling her Tsunade-baasan cause she did Henge no Jutsu) and she starts chasing them again cause the suitcase was actually full of notes that had Tsunade's unpaid debts written on them. Shizune/Tsunade does Kagebunshin to chase HIS Kage bunshin and then the REAL Tsunade shiws up and asks what was going on.

Shizune turns back and explaines and then Naruto's attacker's boss came up behind Tsunade and sais that she already paid her debt.

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